Parkway Drive, Memphis May Fire + Currents at Tech Port Center, San Antonio

The return of Parkway Drive to the United States after a four-year hiatus was a highly anticipated event for metal fans. 

The legendary Australian metalcore band was set to embark on a tour, and their recent show at the Boeing Center at Tech Port Center was nothing short of epic. 

The night kicked off with two electrifying openers, Currents and Memphis May Fire, who set the tone for a night of high-energy metal. Currents, a unique blend of metal, hardcore, and electronic elements, brought an explosive performance from Connecticut. Meanwhile, Memphis May Fire, a Texas-based metalcore band, delivered a powerhouse set with the crowd headbanging and singing along. Frontman Matty Mullins was a dynamic presence, his powerful vocals and stage presence igniting the crowd. 

As Parkway Drive took the stage, the energy in the room was palpable. The band opened with a crushing ‘Glitch,’ and the crowd was immediately entranced, moshing and singing along with every word. Throughout the night, Parkway Drive showcased their versatility and musical prowess, each song offering something different. The heavy breakdowns in ‘Carrion’ sparked circle pits, while the reflective moments in ‘Darker Still’ brought a more contemplative feel to the show. The sound was an unforgettable mix of rock and grunge, heavy, intense, and powerful. 

The crowd was wild, with crowd surfers adding to the high-energy atmosphere. And when the crowd thought they couldn’t get any wilder, a fan in a banana suit crowd-surfed his way to the front, sending the room into a frenzy. It was a hilarious and unexpected moment that added an extra layer of excitement to an already incredible night. 

Parkway Drive returned for an encore performance, playing two of their biggest hits, ‘Crushed’ and ‘Wild Eyes.’ The encore was a fitting end to a night filled with non-stop energy, unforgettable moments, and pure metal bliss. 

Parkway Drive’s show was a masterclass in metalcore performance – high-energy, intense, and fun. If you’re a fan of heavy music, a Parkway Drive show should be at the top of your concert bucket list. The band’s return to the US proved they are still at the top of their game and delivering a tour that metal fans will never forget.

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