Dream State are an alternative rock four-piece hailing from South Wales, UK. The group comprises vocalist Jessie Powell, guitarist Aled Evans, bassist Jake Bowen, and drummer Tom Connelly. 

It is approaching two and a half years since the release of their debut album Primrose Path, and it is evident that a lot has changed in that time. Last year was a transformative year for the band, as it was revealed that previous Dream State members CJ Gilpin and Rhys Wilcox had decided to leave the band in February before unveiling the brand-new line-up a few months ago. Dream State revealed their second EP, Untethered, on February 3. Speaking about the recent member change, founding member Aled Evans stated, “When CJ and Rhys left the band last November, I was left with a very difficult choice – rebuild the band or start something new. Ever since its inception, I’ve been the backbone of Dream State. I was the main songwriter, and I had given so much time of my life and sacrificed so much for this band, and I didn’t want all of that to go to waste. Tom had actually joined the band before CJ and Rhys left and were working behind the scenes with us on new music. We were also auditioning Jake to be bassist at the time as well as we were planning on becoming a 5-piece.”

Dream State’s official video for ‘Comfort In Chaos’

The first track on the EP is ‘Comfort In Chaos.’ From the start, the band infuses electronic-style synths into the introduction before leading with a heavy, almost post-hardcore guitar riff. This track speaks lyrically about feeling needy and insecure with the people closest to them, resulting in them being pushed away. It is undeniably a relatable song for many fans, old and new. 

 Next is ‘Taunt Me,’ which continues with its electronic-influenced sound, complete with heavy breakdowns. From the get-go, this track sticks in your head. By the time we reach the chorus, we are fully invested! This is easily our favorite track on the entire EP – the bridge breakdown is addictive and replayable. 

The closer is ‘Chain Reactions.’ This song shows off vocalist Jessie Powell’s true vocal talent, showcasing a prominent deeper growl to her vocal range, which is simply incredible! While this song may not be as hard-hitting as the previous one, it is still worth a listen. 

Dream State’s official video for ‘Chain Reactions’

Overall, this is a great follow-up release from Dream State. They tackle relatable and raw themes while maintaining the energetic, guitar-filled sound we all know and love. Whether you are a hardcore fan or more of a casual listener, Untethered certainly won’t disappoint!

Untethered was released on Friday, February 3, 2023. 

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