Flawes are three lads originally from Huddersfield but now based in London, belting out alternative pop songs at every opportunity. Freddie Edwards, Josh Carruthers, and Josh Hussey were happy to bring us a special night at Omeara with special guests too.

During the lockdown, Flawes released a six-track EP, Reverie, packed with self-belief, euphoria, and determination. Highwire spoke to them on the day of its release and discussed, amongst other things, what it was like having their tour robbed from them by the pandemic. Once live music began to return like many other musicians, they were raring to go and couldn’t wait to get back up on stage. When we heard they would be headlining at Omeara, we couldn’t resist heading down to see what live Flawes had to offer.

First, however, we were treated to two other live acts in the way of Soft Lad and MIYA MIYA, both tremendously talented acts who had their own fan bases in tow. Soft Lad, who was up first, had the smoothest and most finessed vocals we’ve been treated to in a while. Highlights of the set included ‘The Human Condition,’ her upcoming single ‘Singapore’ and the very aptly named ‘Famous Songs About Average People.’ A song where she takes inspiration from meeting some of the muses behind the music we all enjoy. 

It’s our strong recommendation that you check out Soft Lad at your earliest convenience. This one woman and her guitar are incredible, and she’ll be on the Self Esteem tour for four dates in November, so there’s your opportunity to see for yourself. Next up were MIYA MIYA, a band you may have heard without realising it, as their music featured on the last series of Love Island

The four-piece band had the crowd eating out of their hand, and their role in warming up the audience for Flawes was well met. In fact, they played and performed with such effortless perfection you could be forgiven for thinking they were the headliners. Their set varied from singing the first song they ever wrote together, where the female vocals really shine through, to throwing in a cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Bad Habits’ that we could all sing along to.

By the time it was Flawes’ turn to hit the stage, the audience were geared up and ready to go; the room was packed and a buzz with positive energy. Right from the get-go, they hit us with impressive tracks that showcased Edwards’s guitar skills and had the fans worshiping at his feet. Right the way through the show, some of our favourite parts were the guitar shining through. 

At one point, Carruthers explained that as a musician, people always assumed he could play guitar, which he could not. So during the lockdown, he got his bandmate and guitar extraordinaire, Edwards, to give him some zoom lessons so he could rectify that, and tonight he played a song on guitar for the fascinated fans. It was a sight to see and a joy to hear, which brought attention to the great connection the three lads have. They bounced off each other in a way that only genuine friends can, and it was obvious that friendship was a tight one. 

Flawes’ single ‘Higher Than Before’ usually features Mali-Koa Hood, but tonight, for one night only, it featured the female singer of MIYA MIYA, which was a nice touch. The MIYA MIYA and Flawes fans united in going crazy singing and dancing along, and it brought the crowd together. The audience that night had a lovely energy and were involved in the performance, not just singing and dancing but also getting their phone lights out when the moment called for it. 

The night was impeccable, the whole lineup glowed gloriously, and there was not a down moment in the entire night. All three acts are on the up, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on them as their futures unfold. The main act was a class act with Flawes making sure everyone was welcomed, especially their special guests, which turned out to be very special indeed. 

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