The new, highly anticipated single by Italian rock band Måneskin was released yesterday and is already in the top 30 trending on YouTube. 

Promoted by a bold and provocative shooting of the four musicians unveiled shared on social media, the keyword for this single is only one: hotness. 

The first ten seconds take over listeners in perfect Måneskin style, a concentration of sonorous power already tried-and-tested with singles such as ‘I Wanna Be Your Slave,’ ‘Fear of Nobody,’ and ‘Lividi sui gomiti.’

The song was played for the first time in Berlin yesterday, and the audience went wild. The lyrics and the refrain came so naturally to the point that listening was all it took to memorize the words and be dragged in the shouting rock frenzy. 

‘MAMMAMIA’ Is the first ironic—and auto ironic—single made by the young artists from Rome, and shows just how little they care about judgments and being locked up under a specific label. Instead, they experiment their rock essences with their provoking style and biting youth perfectly mirrored by their wild music’s fast and fierce rhythms.    

In the lyrics, “I swear that I’m not drunk/and I’m not taking drugs,” the reference to the Eurovision allegations is clear. The mocking tone goes on with lead vocalist Damiano David singing, “They ask me why I’m so hot/Cause I’m Italian O.” In a typical Måneskin style, the bass line is arrogant and loud, the beat is crisp and relentless. The song was recorded live to maintain and accentuate the grainy and harsh sounds, emphasising the total absence of limits and inhibitions in playing free. 

Måneskin have gained international attention; their signature is unmistakable. It is impossible to separate the musicians from the music: their latest single is as young, angry, and out of control as its makers are. 

‘MAMMAMIA’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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