A Monday night may not be the go-to night out for many. But, when The Reytons played on a dreary Monday night at Camden’s Underworld, they proved that you can bring the energy of the weekend to anywhere, anytime if you want. These newly crowned kings of indie came to the capital for their first London show and brought the spirit of Sheffield with them.

Earlier this year, The Reytons triumphantly returned to live music on the main stage of Tramlines Festival, whose website described them as being “born under a Sheffield sky with a penchant for pubs, pints, and pandemonium.” An apt description indeed. The love of this band has traveled all around the country and is starting to pick up real steam. Enough steam to propel them across the channel and into Europe.

The Luka State

The Reytons brought a couple of bands with them on the road, The Luka State and Corella. The latter had some natural flair and played like pros. The Manchester act did a fantastic job of warming up the crowd, as you would expect. The crowd rushed forward when the group got to their second song, and the buzz in the room was such a positive vibe that it wouldn’t have been half bad if they’d had a more extended set.

Once the crowd was packed in solid, and the house lights dimmed, a recording began to play, and the anticipation grew. Smoke billowed from the stage and engulfed the entire audience making it almost hard to see the shadowy figure step out on stage. Finally, a roar went up from the fans, and the festivities began. The Reytons came in hard with their first song, ‘Red Smoke,’ as the audience chanted, “Here we, here we, here we fucking go!”

One thing that is a little obvious from their show is this band are all about the music. As a result, they went from one track to the next with very little chat in between. They don’t need fluff or gimmicks as they’re oozing with raw talent. They played songs including ‘On the Back Burner,’ ‘Expectations of a Fool’ and ‘Retro Emporium’ as the crowd jumped and danced, showing no sign of wearing out.

The Reytons

At this point, the band let everyone know that their album Kids Off The Estate, expected the Friday before, was delayed until November. Although, to be honest, most people seemed to know already as they’d got their pre-orders in already. If this night was anything to go by, the album will be amazing, to say the least.

As a consolation prize, the band released the song ‘Nothing to Declare’ on September 24, which they played with full effect to the hyped-up crowd. Then, after just another song, the band walked off stage, and the crowd chanted for an encore… which they got. As expected, these guys saved the best till last, giving the crowd ‘Antibiotics,’ ‘Kids of the Estate,’ and finally ‘Broke Boys Cartel.’

As nights go, it was one well spent for all involved on and off the stage. These four men know how to capture an audience. Luckily they’ll be coming back to London in a couple of weeks, as well as hitting up stops all over the country. This tour is bound to be a success for them in every way possible, and this night was just one of many jewels that will sit in their crowns.

View full gallery by Andrew Blowers here.

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