Enter Shikari – Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

The St Albans four-piece Enter Shikari have brought us a brand new album as their sixth such offering. Right from the offset, we were told that it was all leading to this, the definitive Enter Shikari album. Nothing is True and Everything is Possible is out everywhere April 17.

This record was produced by renowned frontman Rou Reynolds who we are led to believe is a visionary. Whether or not that is true, Reynolds is more than just a musician, a producer, and a composer. He is a published author and campaigner, who has avidly backed mental health charities over the last few years after his own struggles were made public on Enter Shikari’s 2017 critically acclaimed album The Spark.

The opener for this album ‘The Great Unknown’ sets up the rest of the record quite accurately with its piano-led intro that evolves into more futuristic sounds. It gives the listener a hint of which direction they’re about to be taken in. The journey that we are eventually taken on is a turbulent one. It is hardly surprising as the band are well accustomed to tackling subject matter that is both political and controversial.

A real highlight of the album is ‘{The Dreamer’s Hotel}’, a dance-y mix of old and new. It’s a song that lets people know that Enter Shikari are more than able to write hits, something that the fans already know and that the first time listener will soon find out. Other standout tracks include the instrumental ‘Elegy for Extinction’, beautifully crafted for your listening pleasure.

The idea for this album came when the band were putting together their book Dear Future Historians, and when talking about this process Reynolds said, “looking at all we had achieved, gave us a better sense of perspective and confidence… What are we capable of? What is possible? These questions are part of Shikari’s DNA. But now we reflect a society where possibility itself has drifted from something of optimistic opportunity to something quite frightening.”

Not on this journey alone, alongside Reynolds is Rob Rolfe (drums), Chris Batten (bass) and Rory Clewlow (guitar), the same four friends that started Enter Shikari at school. 16 years later they are still together bringing us epic tunes and more importantly giving us something to think about as we spin those tunes, track by track 15 times over.

Nothing about this album fits in a box, in fact, it not only sits outside of the box, but it also blew the box up! This is something we are more than used to when it comes to this particular band who have gone from Warped Tour favourites to outright legends in the scene.


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