Radio Rejects – ‘The Greatest’

‘The Greatest’ is the latest single for South Coast Australian outfit Radio Rejects, out now on Riot Records. The band may be fairly new to the scene having only formed in 2018, but they are already rocking like real pros. In 2019 they released the two-track Dadcore Demos, and the songs have ended up featuring on international compilations. 

If there’s such a thing as wholesome punk rock this may very well be it. ‘The Greatest’ was written by frontman Smith about how being a “rad dad” is the greatest job in the world. He sings that “you made me the man that I know I should be / Thank you, you know it’s true / If I’m rocking, rolling, working, dealing / Being your dad is the greatest feeling.

The Radio Rejects are influenced by old skool four-chord and ’90s skate punk, and they want to remind us that the true ideology of punk rock is all about fun. You can definitely hear their influences in this upbeat catchy song which can even be described as anthemic. It has a real feel-good nature that makes you think the band were successful in trying to put the fun back into the genre. 

If you are looking for a song that combines meaningful heartfelt lyrics with a fun vibe this is the one for you, and coming from a band that quite literally looks like you and your emo mates’ dads all got together with each other to teach you what the real punk rockers sounded like. 

You can listen to the track on streaming services now and check out the music video below!


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