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Black Honey’s Izzy B. Phillips on the beginning of their rise to new pop stardom

In the fall of 2019, Black Honey entered the studio and started recording their sophomore album. COVID-19 hit in early 2020, and the whole world went under multiple lockdowns. There were false starts, bad-to-worse middles, new hopes, bittersweet and triumphant ends – and through it all, Izzy B. Phillips and Black Honey masked up, locked down, and kept Written and Directed on […]

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Waterparks – The Anti-Tour Performance

The music industry as we know it has changed drastically, and artists are now desperate to find new ways to connect with their fans. With shows not feasible in most countries currently, live streams have become the new norm. Texas-bred band Waterparks are one of the latest to jump on the bandwagon, offering ticket and merch packages for a live […]

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Top singles from up and coming artists: March 2021

Every month an absolute plethora of artists release music, many of whom are yet to break into the mainstream scene. There simply isn’t enough time to listen to them all, but we’ve been listening to new artists all month, trying to consume as much new music as possible. To make it even easier for you to discover new talent, we’ve […]

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Lewis Perks of Sub Cultures discusses their new EP, musical influences, and recording at the infamous Rockfield Studios

Sub Cultures’ debut EP is just about to drop, and the guys are more than excited for the release. Highwire Magazine caught up with their guitarist Lewis Perks to find out more.

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The Maine – XOXO Livestream

The Maine are ushering in a new era, the XOXO era. To celebrate the oncoming era, the end of the last one, and the release of the new single ‘Sticky’, they held a free livestream.  After a countdown of over 15 minutes, the screen goes black, and the anticipation of what to expect is strong. What will the setlist be like? Will […]

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FLAWES discuss their new EP, building things, learning as they go, and missing out on their tour

FLAWES are a trio of talented musicians who have recently released the Reverie EP. Highwire Magazine spoke to them the afternoon of their release day to see if it was everything they had hoped for. 

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Cowboy Flying Saucer – IsoMusik

Cowboy Flying Saucer are a bit of a local legend in Walthamstow, a town in North East London whose previous musical exports include East 17 and Blazin’ Squad. However, that is where comparisons must end as there is nothing quite like CFS’s avant-garde stylings.

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MF Tomlinson – Strange Time

A bleak reality was still setting in as we passed the one-year mark of the degradation of our social cocoons. MF Tomlinson’s first full-length project, Strange Time, landed amidst this bleak anniversary, one full trip around the sun after the world suddenly shut down. 

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Cowboy Flying Saucer – ‘Mascara’

Following on from their recent LP release, Cowboy Flying Saucer are set to drop a double-sided single today, April 2. ‘Mascara’ is headlining in this instance, followed by ‘I Threw Something Awful On It’. This is a strictly limited physical release with only 25 copies of the 7″ available (and already sold out at the time of this review!), with […]

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Black Honey – Written & Directed

Brighton indie rockers Black Honey made a splash with their eponymous 2018 debut, leaving them with huge shoes to fill in regards to their follow-up. With vocalist Izzy B. Phillips at the helm, Written & Directed drives home what is, of late, a particularly relevant message of female empowerment.

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Radio Silence – Isolation

The EP is billed as a modern punk take on Beach Boys-style 50s/60s rock n roll and surf music. This turned out to be the perfect way to describe this bundle of raw energy that we’re calling an EP. It’s fair to say you should expect more than just good vibrations, and if you turn up the volume, that’s exactly […]

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The Blue Stones – Hidden Gems

“Stop asking your friends for band suggestions”: the promo message The Blue Stones created for the release of their newest album is a bold statement. The social post-campaign to share the pre-order of Hidden Gems perfectly mirrors the gritty, fierce style on which the whole album is set. 

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Over ten years have passed since Pussy Riot’s inception, and the Russian activists are still using art and performance to call attention to ongoing oppression. Their new three-track EP PANIC ATTACK is another step towards liberation through expression.

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2021 Artist to Watch: Ayers

Ayers is an apparition.  There is something arresting and spellbinding about her music. Here, a haunting and comforting melody. There, a banshee croon that comes out of nowhere.  All over, chords and instrumentation that sound off but perfectly in their place, too.  Ayers is a fresh new voice but an old soul. Poetic lyrics reminiscent of the Beats, a story […]