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Adam Gontier on life after Three Days Grace, the pressure to be a savior, and his band Saint Asonia’s new album

In 2009, Adam Gontier’s voice and presence as the frontman of alternative rock band Three Days Grace was everywhere. Hits such as ‘Animal I Have Become’, ‘Just Like You’, and ‘I Hate Everything About You’ reverberated through the airwaves of every radio station.

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Icon For Hire’s Ariel Bloomer on creativity, turning pain into art, and being true to herself in the music industry

Icon For Hire is a band whose path reflects its members’ independent streak — a duo consisting of vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump. Forming in 2007 and originally hailing from Decatur, IL, the band was signed to Tooth and Nail Records from 2009-2015, after which they ended the partnership citing creative differences.

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Lacey Sturm on why she’s never written a love song, life after Flyleaf, and the “freedom” rock music brings her

After amicably departing from Flyleaf in 2012 to concentrate on her family, some may have forgotten about ex frontwoman Lacey Sturm, whose trademark screams,  high notes, and astounding lyrical acumen made her a mainstay in the alternative subculture of the early aughts. Today, she continues to serve as a force to be reckoned with in alternative rock in 2020.

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Deftones – Ohms

Ohms is here, after much anticipation from fans of classic albums like Adrenaline, White Pony, and Deftones.

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Movements – No Good Left To Give

Southern California quartet Movements are back with their sophomore album No Good Left To Give, released on Fearless Records. When it landed in our inbox for review, we were told, “it’s a special one,” and indeed it was.

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Knuckle Puck – 20/20

2020 may be the year from hell that we will remember for all the wrong reasons, but we’ve just been offered a chance to think of something far more hopeful when we hear the words “twenty-twenty” for the rest of the year.

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The Killers – Imploding The Mirage

The Killers are a dab hand at producing perfection, and despite their most well-known song being the 2004 smash hit ‘Mr. Brightside’ they’ve been consistently releasing great music over the years.

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Phoebe Bridgers – Copycat Killer EP

As most ​Phoebe Bridgers’​ music does, ​Copycat Killer​ makes the listener feel like they are part of a cool girl club explicitly made to let out all their emotions. The EP is soft in sound, sharp in lyrics, bringing that chilled sound to the forefront of bedroom pop.

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iDKHOW – Razzmatazz

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (iDKHOW) brings a robust MTV New Wave sound to the alternative charts with their debut full-length album, Razzmatazz. iDKHOW is the project of ex-Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes and ex-Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman.

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in earnest – in earnest EP

in earnest breaks into the British alternative scene with their self-titled debut EP, out October 7. The trio dives into the scary, incredibly important conversation of mental health with their six-track EP. In earnest proclaims their first EP to be an “exploration of mental illness, nostalgia, and hope vs. hopelessness”; the band dives into these themes while tugging at the […]

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Point North – Brand New Vision

Point North may be a name you are not yet familiar with, but if you like pop-punk or are a fan of bands like With Confidence or State Champs, then it’s a name you should make a mental note of. Brand New Vision, released on Hopeless Records, is their debut album.

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Taylor Swift – Folklore

Taylor Swift has spent the best part of her career defying all odds. From her humble beginnings as the darling of country to her more recent successes in the world of pop, she’s very much incapable of putting out anything short of stunning.