I Prevail, Trash Boat + Blind Channel at OVO Arena Wembley, London

After a three-year wait, the show we were starting to think would never happen was finally upon us. Michigan-based band I Prevail was finally in London and about to perform in the upgraded venue Wembley Arena.

First, however, their support acts were ready to rock the crowd despite being a little different from those on the tour posters when fans booked tickets all that time ago. Originally promised Dream State and Wage War, the audience ended up with Blind Channel and Trash Boat. Far from a disappointment, both were received very well.

Finnish Eurovision contestants Blind Channel played an awesome, if not short, set of six songs from the album Lifestyles Of The Sick And Dangerous and just one other song called ‘FLATLINE.’ Opening with ‘Alive or Only Burning’ and finishing rather unsurprisingly with their famous Eurovision song ‘Dark Side.’

Next up was a band from a little closer to home, the British band Trash Boat. They had the crowd’s attention from the get-go, and many had gathered to see them specifically. At one point, they performed an epic cover of Linkin Park’s ‘Given Up,’ but not before bringing out guest Charlie Rolfe of As Everything Unfolds for the song ‘Bad Entertainment.’

During their set, they announced they would sell merchandise outside the bakery Bread Ahead situated on the way back to the tube station. This is, in fact, a part of the ever-growing debate about venue merch cuts and the effect it has on merch prices and a band’s ability to fund their tours.

I Prevail

As it gets later and later, the crowd starts to get a little fidgety, waiting for the main act to come out until finally the lights go down and the crowd razors – it’s time for I Prevail. Opening with ‘There’s Fear In Letting Go’ from the record True Power and the ultimate vocal tag team of Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerbleghe impress from almost the first moment they open their mouths.

Calling for the crowd to open up pits, the band continues to launch into ‘Body Bag,’ and fans oblige, opening up into a circle pit. The band keeps playing with very little chit-chat or onstage banter and power through ‘Self Destruction,’ ‘Bad Things,’ and ‘Come And Get It,’ which was a blast from the past. Then they bring us nicely into their fan favorite ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Feel Something’ makes sure fans are feeling the show.

A highlight of the show would be when out of the blue, there was a familiar sound of System of A Down’s ‘Chop Suey’ before jumping into ‘FWYTYK’; it was almost a shame they didn’t rock the entire cover!

Overall, it was a great show, and the band put in the performance of a lifetime to the upgraded room, which they filled with minimal effort. Never fear if you miss them; they will return for a slot at Download Festival 2023, so you can catch them then.

Photos by Polly Swann. View the full gallery here.


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