The world of music is definitely on a nostalgia kick, and so it’s no surprise to see bands like Story Of The Year jump on the bandwagon, as it were. 

We’re not complaining, though; being transported back to the days of myspace and the warped tour is a welcome look back on the music that shaped a genre. After all, ‘Until the Day I Die’ is still hailed as a classic.

This new album, Tear Me To Pieces, is the first since original bassist Adam Russell rejoined forces with Dan Marsala, Ryan Phillips, and Josh Wills. It’s been a long time coming; with the last new album, Wolves, released in 2017, there’s been a Story of the year-shaped hole in our hearts for far too long.

The album opens with the title track, and a memorable riff makes way for the familiar sound of vocalist Marsala. The song is a great precursor to a solid album and the perfect way to say we’ve still got it 20 years on. The album has a beautiful summer of years gone by vibe, especially in the song ‘Take the Ride,’ for which the music video was filmed at the massive When We Were Young festival last year! 

Story Of The Year – ‘Tear Me To Pieces’

However, no song on the album is more of a throwback to endless summers than the nostalgia-heavy ‘2005’. When talking about the song, vocalist Dan Marsala said: “2005 is a journey into the heart of Story Of The Year. It’s a story about youth and falling in love with music. It’s a reminder of how far we’ve come as a band and how lucky I am to still be playing music with my best friends. This song makes me excited for the future of SOTY.”

Luckily this album stands up today and is more than just a hit of the past straight into the veins. It’s a record that teenagers can pick up and enjoy, not just us ‘elder emos’ Saying that the album is one that you are bound to love if you were big into Page Avenue.

Other stand-out tracks include ‘Glow’ and its massive guitar vibes, the synth, hit you with a hook, ‘War’ and the much heavier ‘Dead and Gone.’ The entire album is just right in so many ways; goldilocks would love it. Not too over-produced, edgy, and not too stuck in the past, not too far from the successful formula we’re familiar with.

Story Of The Year – ‘2005’

This is an album to buy as well as stream. Twenty more years on, and you’re going to wish you could get it out of your collection and give it a listen with the kids or grandkids to explain what good music sounds like.

And the band aren’t shy about their pride in the record they’ve created. “I think this album will be a defining moment in our career,” says Ryan Phillips. “When our fans hear it, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, shit, these dudes are ready to go!’ This is the sound of a band putting everything into it. If a new band came out with this album, I’d be texting everyone in my band about it.”

Tear Me To Pieces will be released on March 10 via SharpTone Records.

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