Trinity of Terror Tour at Tech Port Center, San Antonio

There’s no place like San Antonio for a good show. The Tech Port Center was the perfect venue for the Trinity of Terror tour. Atreyu, Motionless in white, Ice Nine Kills, and Black Veil Brides, all on one stage.

Even though Halloween was over a month ago, this lineup had the perfect spook night covered. The show sold out mere weeks after tickets went on sale, so a solid crowd showed up and were all excited for the evening to begin. Driving up to the Tech Port Center, you could already see the crowd wrapping around the back of the venue, proving that it would be one hell of a night! Fans, young and old, came out ready to see what this night had to offer and what they wouldn’t have to wait long to find out!

Atreyu took the stage firsthand and were greeted loudly by the audience, as not long ago, they were in this same venue touring with Nothing More. They had some kick-ass songs to play off their latest album Baptize, and in between their songs, they connected with the fans and gave them a taste of what tonight was going to offer. Classic Atreyu, constantly interacting with the crowd, started to sing ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston. Once they had the crowd cheering and singing “I wanna feel the heat with somebody” and laughing that they just got trolled, the entire audience laughed along. Atreyu then quickly started their upbeat electric song, ‘Battle Drums,’ to get everyone pumped for what was to come next. They were just the first band of the night, with plenty left to play, and we were only just getting started on this Nightmare of a Night.

Next up was Motionless In White, who immediately got the crowd going again, but this time in a different light. Almost immediately, the lights went off, and the stage plunged into darkness as the band started playing off their hit ‘Disguise,’ and the audience went crazy. Screaming and singing lyrics to the song, with each change of instruments slowly unveiled, the lights started to come back on, and the set continued. At one moment, they had performers run up with angle grinders and showering sparks all over the stage, which got the crowd lit up and smelling like fireworks. It was astonishing how they made such a simple prop into something completely magical and attention-grabbing. However, their set was not over yet, and they continued to draw people to the stage for more as performers dressed as werewolves made their way out on stage as they played their hit ‘Werewolf’ from their latest album Scoring the End of The World. During the single ‘Voices,’ the band displayed rainbow lights and the pride flag to make it clear the band members are LGBTQ+ allies. 

Ice Nine Kills were up next, and they did not disappoint. They kept their suits neat and tidy while unleashing carnage onstage. Using fake knives, fake bodies, and fake blood, the band recreated famous horror movies such as Halloween and American Psycho. By the end of the night, the people in the crowd were throwing up their hands in the air screaming the lyrics to nearly every song they played. The band kept the energy high and exciting with their theatrical performance.  

Black Veil Brides closed out the night; the crowd went wild, screaming along to the lyrics of every song they played and moshing the entire time. Throughout the whole night, the crowd was alive and full of energy. The bands interacted with the audience, making the night special for everyone involved. At one point, lead singer Andy Biersack announced that they would play one of their new songs ‘Scarlet Cross.’ The crowd cheered; he quickly looked around and realized that the song was not on the setlist and the guitars weren’t ready yet, so he called it off and laughed about it. Not wanting to disappoint the fans, he chatted with them and joked around until the guitarist was ready and then launched into ‘Scarlet Cross’ which was still awesome because of the fantastic intro the song received.

Overall, it was an excellent show with great performances by all the bands who put on a great show and even interacted well with the audience. 

View the full gallery here.


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