Independent British rock band The Big Push have a new EP titled Can Do, Will Do.

The band’s sound has been shaped through their experiences busking—being able to play for people, although not in a traditional concert setting, has allowed them to figure out what works and does not work. “We started out on our own as buskers, began to jam together in the street, and developed our sound playing live,” The Big Push explained. Through their time busking, they have gained crucial song-writing skills and nailed down what makes them unique. Can Do, Will Do exemplifies this to a tee. 

The six-track EP begins with ‘Watch Out.’ The Big Push released the song as a single accompanied by a video live from the streets of their hometown of Brighton. Fast guitars and heavy drums make for a familiar 1990’s British rock sound similar to the likes of Oasis. From ‘Watch Out,’ the EP moves into ‘Xbox Marijuana,’ a song that is as angsty as the title leads the listener to expect. It screams teenage angst that seems relatable to our parents, aunts, uncles, and cool older cousins. 

‘Mannequin’ has an infectious bassline; it will inevitably be stuck in the head of any listener along with the equally catchy chorus. While most of the song is the hook repeated, it is still one you’ll play again and again. Can Do, Will Do transitions into ‘When She Goes’ as smoothly as any rock song should. The guitars that start the EP follows into ‘When She Goes’; this continuation is more than welcome. Unlike the previous three songs, this one seems to tell more of a story and has slightly more meat on the bones of the chorus. 

‘All My Heroes’ also has a bit more in the department of lyrics. They were clearly given the most attention out of all the songs on this EP. A lyrically light, musically heavy rock song is always welcome; however, all good rock records must a heavier ballad-like song on the tracklist. Finally, Can Do, Will Do wraps with the true love song, ‘Precious.’ The love song pleads in its rich imagery of a dying relationship. ‘Precious’ is the lowest energy on the EP and a perfect bow to wrap the neat package of a rock n roll EP. 

From start to finish, Can Do, Will Do maintains the high-energy rock sound that The Big Push set out to establish. While none of the songs on the EP are carbon copies of what we’ve heard before, they have a familiarity that will draw people in. Each song feels like you’re listening to a CD found in your mom’s 1990’s music collection, only with lyrics that are more relatable to Gen Z. 

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