During his sold-out tour of the UK, Aaron West – the acoustic alter-ego of The Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell – treated a packed out and passionate crowd to a concert experience like no other.

The ever-talented pop princess Lizzy Farrall quite literally kicked off the evening with some impressive dance moves and even more impressive tunes that got the whole crowd moving right from the word go – with energy that only carried right through to special guest and fellow acoustic artist Rob Lynch who’s catchy ballads and crowd interaction eased the whole audience into a comfortable and cathartic state – perfect for the emotional and relatable words of Aaron West that came next.

The instant crowd reaction from the first line of  ‘Just Sign The Papers’ marked this concert as a special one – the feeling of a room of people, all singing words that clearly have a world of meaning to them is an experience that is hard to put into words. There’s something about West’s words that catches onto the ear of every single audience member – the way they mean something different to everyone and yet at the same time it feels like there’s a mutual understanding of how much they mean.

It’s hard for a man and his acoustic guitar to fill a stage, but Aaron does it easily as his words and emotions fill every single gap in the venue – of which there were actually very few.

In the words of the man himself, this concert was about, “forcing light into the darkness,” and judging on the pure emotional energy that was running through the very heart of the iconic London venue The Garage, he managed to do just that.

Photos by Ciara Wilkinson.

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