Arizona pop-rockers The Summer Set called it quits last year but now bassist Stephen Gomez and guitarist John Gomez are back in action with their new project, Twin XL.

The brothers had not been very forthcoming on social media when the project was first announced but it was revealed that the new band’s vocalist is singer-songwriter, Cameron Walker. Walker is also one-third of Nekokat, an indie pop group completed by The Ready Set’s Jordan Witzigreuter and former The Summer Set drummer Jess Bowen.

Twin XL’s first live performance was a secret show in Los Angeles, attended by only a handful of fans as the band attempted to get their bearings. The single was originally slated for release on September 21, but due for unforeseen circumstances it was pushed back to its current release date (October 12).

The new song is nothing like any of the member’s previous projects, with Stephen Gomez confirming via Twitter that Twin XL’s focus is on “bass grooves, falsettos, vinyl sample drums, whistles, spring reverb, slap delay, guitars, vocal hooks [and] dance-ability”. Hearing this track, you’ll find it impossible to not get an earworm — its simple lyrics that are easy to resonate with and huge, catchy chorus are the kind of make-up that will be stuck in your head for days.

All in all, ‘Good’ is a quintessential debut that will hopefully see the band skyrocket into stardom. They’ve already cultivated quite the following since their inception, so it can safely be said that the only way is up for this dazzling trio.

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