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Black Honey’s Izzy B. Phillips on the beginning of their rise to new pop stardom

In the fall of 2019, Black Honey entered the studio and started recording their sophomore album. COVID-19 hit in early 2020, and the whole world went under multiple lockdowns. There were false starts, bad-to-worse middles, new hopes, bittersweet and triumphant ends – and through it all, Izzy B. Phillips and Black Honey masked up, locked down, and kept Written and Directed on […]

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Black Honey – Written & Directed

Brighton indie rockers Black Honey made a splash with their eponymous 2018 debut, leaving them with huge shoes to fill in regards to their follow-up. With vocalist Izzy B. Phillips at the helm, Written & Directed drives home what is, of late, a particularly relevant message of female empowerment.

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2000trees Festival 2018

The idyllic Cotswolds is a location many, including myself, may associate with family holidays and glamping getaways, but for a weekend in July every year they’re home to the epic 2000trees; a festival that is somehow equal parts charmingly wholesome and a raucous party.