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Enslaved at Islington Assembly Hall, London

The temperature had taken a massive drop throughout the day, by night it was cold, so cold and the pale blue lights streaking up the Islington Assembly Hall walls made it somehow feel colder — quite fitting considering the main act are Norwegian. Once inside though, it felt almost tropical in comparison.

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Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis

Once upon a time, 1996 specifically, my favourite band in the whole world broke up and I was devastated. The Cavalera brothers had gone their separate ways and Sepultura was no more. Yes, yes, I know they continued with Derrick Green as lead singer but as far as I was concerned, the band was dead.

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Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

First of all, I need to talk about the album artwork. Cannibal Corpse is notorious for their early album artwork, particularly their first three records which the artwork was banned in many countries. Even now they’re still prohibited from playing some of their early songs in certain places.

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Kesha – Rainbow

As Kesha releases her long-anticipated fourth album Rainbow, onlookers are reminded of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The awful things she has faced have been no secret, and yet she remains as determined as ever to show the world who she really is— not who she was forced to be before, but instead her true, unapologetic self.