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The Blue Stones – Hidden Gems

“Stop asking your friends for band suggestions”: the promo message The Blue Stones created for the release of their newest album is a bold statement. The social post-campaign to share the pre-order of Hidden Gems perfectly mirrors the gritty, fierce style on which the whole album is set. 

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Over ten years have passed since Pussy Riot’s inception, and the Russian activists are still using art and performance to call attention to ongoing oppression. Their new three-track EP PANIC ATTACK is another step towards liberation through expression.

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2021 Artist to Watch: Ayers

Ayers is an apparition.  There is something arresting and spellbinding about her music. Here, a haunting and comforting melody. There, a banshee croon that comes out of nowhere.  All over, chords and instrumentation that sound off but perfectly in their place, too.  Ayers is a fresh new voice but an old soul. Poetic lyrics reminiscent of the Beats, a story […]

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Multi-platinum producer and author Jeff Blue on his new book One Step Closer, Linkin Park, and going after your dreams

Multi-platinum A&R executive, songwriter, music publisher, attorney, journalist, producer, and author Jeff Blue tells an inspirational, true story of perseverance, young musical visionaries’ rise to fame, and what it takes to build a dream while confronting his own truths and showing readers how to work hard and show up for what they want in his new music novel One Step Closer. 

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A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome

It’s the album we’ve all been waiting and waiting and waiting for. A Day To Remember announced the release of their album You’re Welcome so long ago that you could be forgiven for thinking it may never have arrived. Finally, it’s now due to drop on Friday, March 5, at long last. 

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The Spill Canvas – Conduit

It’s been the best part of nine long years since The Spill Canvas released a full-length album. However, last month, the South Dakota rockers announced their signing with Pure Noise Records and the inevitable release of the album Conduit.