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Spector – Ex-Directory EP

Spector seemed to all but disappear in recent years, singer Fred Macpherson would pop up in various places and his tweets remained amusing but Spector had seemingly been pushed to the background. That was they released ‘Untitled In D’ in December of last year and revealed it was the first single off upcoming EP Ex-Directory.

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Horizon Ablaze – The Weight of a Thousand Suns

Horizon Ablaze released their new album The Weight of a Thousand Suns last week through Leviathan, leaving behind for the most part the dark, graven, blackened death metal box they were put in with the previous album Dodsverk, and ventured out into the progressive black metal wilderness stretching into the fiery horizon, following bands of the ilk of fellow Norwegians, Enslaved […]

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Watain at The Dome, London

I made my way to North London having not been to The Dome before, however, as soon as I left Tufnell Park Station knew I was in the right place, with artwork and band names you couldn’t read nor pronounce on t-shirts as well as proudly displayed inverted crucifixes.