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Here for LA Fest at L.A. River Studios, Los Angeles

Combining philanthropy, community, activism, and music, the Here For LA Fest successfully launched its first warehouse-style event on Saturday, December 3, at L.A. River Studios in Elysian Park.

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2000trees Festival 2018

The idyllic Cotswolds is a location many, including myself, may associate with family holidays and glamping getaways, but for a weekend in July every year they’re home to the epic 2000trees; a festival that is somehow equal parts charmingly wholesome and a raucous party.

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Live at Leeds Festival 2018

One of the UK’s most successful small festivals, Live at Leeds is the perfect opportunity to catch sets from more established bands as well as discover new artists. This year’s line-up was bigger than ever, and with the sun blaring down on the city for the whole day it proved to be an excellent start to 2018’s festival season.