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Radio Silence – Isolation

The EP is billed as a modern punk take on Beach Boys-style 50s/60s rock n roll and surf music. This turned out to be the perfect way to describe this bundle of raw energy that we’re calling an EP. It’s fair to say you should expect more than just good vibrations, and if you turn up the volume, that’s exactly […]

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A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome

It’s the album we’ve all been waiting and waiting and waiting for. A Day To Remember announced the release of their album You’re Welcome so long ago that you could be forgiven for thinking it may never have arrived. Finally, it’s now due to drop on Friday, March 5, at long last. 

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The Spill Canvas – Conduit

It’s been the best part of nine long years since The Spill Canvas released a full-length album. However, last month, the South Dakota rockers announced their signing with Pure Noise Records and the inevitable release of the album Conduit.

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Electric Century – Electric Century

Electric Century AKA Mikey Way and David Debiak have released their self-titled sophomore record. Electric Century takes us on a journey through 11 tracks of sublime retro 80’s inspired music. The album is produced by My Chemical Romance’s Ray Toro and is a sequel to the first album, For The Night To Control. It claims to move their sound onto a bigger or more dynamic platform […]

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Frontside on their new EP Closer to Closure, record collections, and plans for the future

Frontside is a North Carolina based band formed back in 2008. The band comprises Walter Stanley, the principal songwriter, guitar player, and vocalist; Josh Grady on Bass, and Alex Jolly on drums. The band say they came together with the common goal to create music that would not only be catchy for any listener but would also satiate their urge […]