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Weezer – OK Human Live with the LA Philharmonic + YOLA

On April 17, from The Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, California, Weezer, along with the LA Philharmonic and the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles, put on a very special live stream. 

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The Maine – XOXO Livestream

The Maine are ushering in a new era, the XOXO era. To celebrate the oncoming era, the end of the last one, and the release of the new single ‘Sticky’, they held a free livestream.  After a countdown of over 15 minutes, the screen goes black, and the anticipation of what to expect is strong. What will the setlist be like? Will […]

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Radio Silence – Isolation

The EP is billed as a modern punk take on Beach Boys-style 50s/60s rock n roll and surf music. This turned out to be the perfect way to describe this bundle of raw energy that we’re calling an EP. It’s fair to say you should expect more than just good vibrations, and if you turn up the volume, that’s exactly […]