Theory of a Deadman, Skillet + Saint Asonia at Hard Rock Casino, Wheatland

The long-awaited Rock Resurrection Tour finally stopped at The Hard Rock Casino in Wheatland, CA. The sold-out show included Theory of a DeadmanSkillet, and special guest Saint Asonia performing. 

Dominion, an album by Skillet, was released in January of last year, while Dinosaur, by Theory of a Deadman, was released this year on March 17.

Saint Asonia

At precisely 7.00 pm, Saint Asonia began the evening by jamming ‘Better Place.’ Adam Gontier, the former lead singer of Three Days Grace, sang a few of the older songs he used to play with the previous lineup, including ‘I Hate Everything About You’ and ‘Never Too Late.’ Not all fans knew who Saint Asonia was at first, but after Gontier mentioned Three Days Grace, they went crazy. Saint Asonia performed ten songs. 

Skillet, a Christian rock group, took the stage next. The crowd had a lot of expectations, and the band began with ‘Feel Invincible.’ Many people are unaware that they are a Christian rock band, but if you pay close attention, you’ll hear the powerful messages they lace throughout the lyrics, including those about sadness and not feeling alone in the world. Skillet is one of the rock groups that has sold the most albums in the twenty-first century, as evidenced by their live performances. 


“Tonight, it doesn’t matter who you voted for, what color skin you have, or your political beliefs. We come together tonight as if we didn’t despise one another.” Popular songs, including ‘Awake and Alive,’ ‘Hero,’ and ‘Monster,’ were played. Jen Ledger, the drummer and vocalist, performed a brief yet incredible drum solo that enthralled the audience. The band’s frontman, John Cooper, interacted with the audience all night. Finally, Skillet played their song ‘The Resistance’ before saying goodbye.

Right before Theory of a Deadman walked on stage, the speakers played Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline,’ and everyone sang the lyrics. After that song, the theme song to the critically acclaimed video game and TV show The Last of Us played loud as the introduction, and the crowd cheered for that too. 

Theory of a Deadman

The members of Theory of a Deadman took the stage and began playing their brand new song, ‘Dinosaur.’ Favorite songs like ‘Lowlife,’ ‘Bitch Came Back,’ and ‘Rx (Medicate)’ sparked applause from the crowd. Then the band’s frontman, Tyler Connolly, engaged the audience by sharing some jokes and old tales and referencing performing at Sacramento’s biggest music festival Aftershock. Connolly recently stated in an interview that the new record would revive the vintage Theory of a Deadman look and feel. Next, they performed ‘Ambulance,’ their latest single, in the middle of their 13-song set. The Canadian rock band then performed ‘Bad Girlfriend,’ their best-known song, before they exited the stage.

It was a fantastic night with three hardcore bands; we can’t wait to see what is in store next for them. 

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