Aly & AJ – With Love From

“Out of sight, out of mind, that’s the way I wanna live / But we all know the drill, so instead, I’m just a fugitive.”

Indie-pop duo Aly & AJ released their latest studio album, With Love From, on March 15. During their Disney Channel heydays, they were on Hollywood Records, but they’ve since taken charge of their musical direction by going independently. They are doing everything on their terms. With Love From is no exception to that.

“It’s a freeing and organic outing for the duo that leans into Americana territory and captures the feeling of life on the road. With Love From was recorded with a live band at the legendary Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, California, over the past year. The duo found themselves reflecting on their latest work by describing it as ‘less like an object and more like the weather,'” taken from the album’s press release. 

Aly & AJ – ‘Blue Dress’

What’s more Americana than country music? Tracks like ‘Open to Something and That Something Is You,’ the title track, and ‘Blue Dress’ have tasteful country guitar riffs that blend nicely with the duo’s infectious harmonies. Other tracks like ‘Love You This Way’ and ‘Tear the Night Up’ have more of a rock ‘n’ roll beat. Country rock, anyone? While ‘Talking in My Sleep’ leans more into the dance-pop territory. A significant highlight of the album is ‘After Hours’ because it’s got great pop hooks, a driving drum beat, and a catchy chorus. 

Aly & AJ’s family-friendly and commercial sound is gone; it was gone a long time ago. But that’s not a bad thing. As they’ve grown up and matured, their sound and songwriting have matured as well. Some listeners may prefer the pop-rock version of the duo, but there’s plenty to like from the current version too. Now that their music is more laid-back and organic, their perfect harmonies can shine even further in the spotlight! 

Overall, With Love From is just another Aly & AJ record showing the girls’ talent. People can compare this album to their previous work all they like, but the duo deserves props for having the guts to go their own way and make music that they’re proud of!


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