Swim Deep at The Garage, London

If you’re a tote bag-wielding, oat milk-drinking charity shop deal finder who was at least semi-conscious in 2014, you probably know who Swim Deep are.

The pioneers of the B-Town scene are winding down from the release of their third album as well as their latest EP, Familiarise Yourself With Your Closest Exit. This most recent tour is likely the last in support of 2019’s Emerald Classics and culminated with a final stop at The Garage in London, which saw the small room packed from wall to wall. 

Swim Deep’s first album, Where The Heaven Are We, has been a staple in the music collections of the most sincere indie kids, so it came as no surprise that a considerable chunk of the set was dedicated to the debut. However, some later cuts stole the show—’One Great Song, and I Could Change The World’ from 2015’s Mothers has always been a fan favorite, so its early inclusion was well received.

Swim Deep’s latest effort is the standalone single ‘Little Blue,’ an affirmable gem showcasing how the band’s sound has developed over the years. It fits nicely in the set among the classics, and the crowd ate it up just as much as they did the likes of ‘Honey’ and ‘The Sea.’ 

Lead singer Austin Williams’ infamous stage presence is still contagious from the energetic ‘Fuieho Boogie’ right through to the original hit ‘King City,’ the latter of which brought the show to an impressive conclusion. 

Looking at Swim Deep’s peers circa 2014, it is one extreme or the other: they’ve ceased to exist or are now gracing the stages of arenas worldwide. The Birmingham five-piece could very well headline Madison Square Garden one day—a quoted dream of Williams’—but for the time being, they seem to be happily packing out club venues with the fans that have stuck by them all these years.

Photos by Bonnie Britain. View the full gallery here.


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