As the temperature keeps dropping in Texas, the heat of the venues keeps rising. Amon Amarth finally made their way to San Antonio, and the excitement was palpable in the air as they took to center stage to enchant the fans with their fierce songs and thumping drums.

The show at the Aztec Theatre kicked off with opening bands Cattle Deception, Obituary, and Carcass. Cattle Deception rocked the house with their heavy guitar riffs and loud vocals. Next up was Obituary, who took the stage next as the fans sang along to their songs. After that, the death metal band Carcass’ set was filled with hits from their long career, which ended with a crowd surfing fan carried across the stage.

Finally, after a short break, it was time for Amon Amarth to take the stage, and the fans were excited to see what this night had in store for them. The reception from the crowd was incredible right from the get-go. The dark and mysterious stage, complete with fog and dim lights, added to the dramatic effect of the night and set the mood for the band to play their best show yet.

Everyone in the venue was ready to have a fantastic night filled with brutal death metal and was not about to let the band down. When the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered, and the music began… There was no turning back now! The crowd erupted into cheers as they saw a black curtain hiding the stage from view. Then without warning, the black curtain flew open to reveal a giant Amon Amarth logo illuminated by a spotlight, and the crowd’s screams became deafening. Suddenly all the lights went out, and the venue went pitch black, adding to the eerie feeling of the night. In an instant, there was a rumble in the ground followed by a flash of light. Before long, Amon Amarth was standing in front of the crowd. They began belting out their hit songs with the ferocity of a Viking on the battlefield. Clearly, this was no ordinary concert; it was a night of rage and pure destruction.

The band played for an hour and a half, and there was no shortage of head-banging or crowd participation. As the song ‘Put Your Back Into The Oar’ began, fans from the audience floor to the balcony gathered around, pretending to row a Viking ship. The energy in the crowd was incredible as fans screamed the lyrics to every song and rocked out in unison with everyone else. A large Viking helmet was illuminated from the center stage, serving as a powerful symbol for the warriors in the audience as they continued to thrash it out to their last note of the night.

Throughout the night, it was amazing to see how much energy Amon Amarth could summon through their performances. The audience was feeding from the crowd’s enthusiasm as we all screamed our lungs out in unison with the band. Overall, the night was an incredible experience, and I had a blast watching the show with my fellow metalheads!

View the full photo gallery here.

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