San Antonio’s Aztec Theatre has unique and classic architecture, which set the stage for a lively evening as The Love Connection Tour came through on Veterans Day. 

The pit area was surrounded by many people excited, while more were watching from the upper level by the bars and the balcony theatre seats.

Snail Mail (aka Lindsey Jordan) opened the show; she promoted her latest album Valentine with her very energetic and passionate stage presence. Her vocals are raw and emotional and evoke nostalgia in her fans. The band is very animated and seemed enthusiastic about playing their music to the audience. While her songs are primarily introspective and personal in nature, the emotions of her songs are universal, and everyone in attendance seemed to have their own unique connection to them. 

Turnstile needs no introduction at this point, and the fan support they received was nothing short of incredible. With a sold-out crowd, it was easy to see how loud the fans were throughout the night as the band worked their way through their extensive catalog of hits spanning their career thus far. Every song they played was met with an eruption of cheers from the crowd. It was indeed a sight to see how much the fans knew and loved this band and the music they produced.

They took the crowd through an extensive set list, starting with ‘Holiday’ from their latest album, Glow On. The room filled with energy right away with the song as fans crowd surfed and a mosh pit started to form in the back of the room. They followed with songs like ‘Real Thing’ from their debut album, ‘Time & Space,’ and crowd favorites like ‘Big Smile.’ As they prepared to play their next song, lead singer Brendan Yates asked, “Who remembers when we last came to San Antonio? The last time we were here, we played at the Paper Tiger in 2018?” The crowd cheered at the mention of their former venue of choice and all the memories of that show.

The band members elevated the experience as they delivered hit after hit throughout the set, seamlessly transitioning from one song to the next. By the time they finished playing, they had built up a massive energy in the venue, leaving everyone wanting even more. While they knew they needed to take the stage down, the fans made it clear they wanted more music by chanting for more and by singing louder than ever.

The concert ended with a massive confetti cannon to their hit ‘TLC,’ with the entire crowd on their feet singing their hearts out and crowd surfing the whole night. The night was truly unforgettable and showed fans’ support and love for this band.

View the full photo gallery here.

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