Jane N’ The Jungle are an alternative rock trio from Phoenix, Arizona. Consisting of Jordan White (vocals), Brian Dellis (guitar), and Bryan Dague (bass), they formed the band in 2013.

Jane N’ The Jungle have had a fantastic start to their musical career. Their music has been previously played on radio stations such as Sirius XM and KLOS FM. More recently, the trio have also been featured in various publications such as Alternative Press, The Hype Magazine, and Wonderland.

Fast forward to 2022, following the release of their debut EP ‘Ocean Creatures,’ Jane N’ The Jungle have recently revealed their brand-new single ‘Dirty Dog.’ According to the band, the track speaks lyrically about a devastating situation that happened to vocalist Jordan White. White says the song is about her experience being sexually assaulted and how she “felt so gross and so small… like a dirty dog.”

From the get-go, ‘Dirty Dog’ certainly grabs your attention. A head-bopping riff starts things off on the right foot before Jordan White’s vocals take the lead. The memorable and infectious chorus helps to complete the song – it will most certainly get stuck in your head for weeks to come!

Even though Jane N’ The Jungle are a new band on the scene, ‘Dirty Dog’ is a fantastic starting point. It showcases their knack for creating unforgettably catchy hooks and melodies. If this is the sort of music that they are releasing early in their career, then we can only imagine the standards they will reach in years to come. We can’t wait to see what Jane N’ The Jungle do next!

Jane N’ The Jungle’s brand-new track ‘Dirty Dog’ was officially released on June 17, available to stream on all major platforms. The trio have also heavily promoted the single on their social media accounts in the lead-up to the release.


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