Maisie Peters + Jonah Kagen at The Chapel, San Francisco

On Tuesday, March 29, Maisie Peters came to The Chapel to perform for San Francisco with Jonah Kagen.

Upon arrival, the line outside was long and almost to the point of wrapping around the building. It was evident that people wanted to see a star in the making.

Maisie Peters

Before Peters came to the stage, ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ played as the intro song to fans chanting and singing the lyrics. She then came out to a loud, ear-piercing scream. After that, the crowd was ready to rock.

Peters played songs like ‘You Signed Up For This,’ ‘Psycho,’ and ‘Boy.’ She mentioned how the last time she was in San Francisco, it was at the Rickshaw Stop music venue, and she had hit her mouth and was bleeding for five minutes. She continued, stating, “Let’s not do that tonight.”

She performed ‘Outdoor Pool’ and the short version of ‘Cate’s Brother,’ thanks to a sign she saw in the crowd asking her to play it.

Throughout the set, she played other songs such as ‘Place We Were Made,’ ‘Sad Girl Summer,’ and ‘Villain.’ The last song of the night was ‘Worst of You,’ then an encore of ‘John Hughes Movie.’

Jonah Kagen

Opening for the night and on tour with Maisie was Jonah Kagen, a musician based in Savannah, GA, with over two million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Kagen had some major cheers through the set, especially after he explained to the crowd that Maisie Peters brings along nothing but attractive people. The crowd fell in love with him even more. He played such as ‘Moon,’ then finished his set with his hit song, ‘Broken.’ He put on a fantastic performance and was very interactive with the crowd, which is definitely a plus!

Overall, the entire show was a phenomenal performance of two young musicians making their place in history even stronger. You won’t regret seeing them live and in person!

Maisie Peters is scheduled to go on a Europe tour with Ed Sheeran in the summer, with the first stop at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, on April 24.

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