Kite Thief are a British metal five-piece from Bristol, consisting of Elin Allan (vocals), Max Harris and Josh Bailey (guitars), Henry Stone (bass), and Zac Lever (drums). 

This badass female-fronted group have already accomplished some amazing things in their career so far. Their songs ‘Pinky Promise’ and ‘Smile & Wave’ have been featured as Track of the Week on BBC Radio’s The Social. Additionally, they have also been the previous tour support to bands such as Vuvoki, The Fallen State, and Haggard Cat. 

Kite Thief are back with their brand-new single ‘Allegedly,’ in which Elin Allan’s powerful vocals take your breath away. The track begins with a particularly heavy guitar riff which is instantly addicting, before hitting you with Allan’s easy listening yet impactful vocals. The chorus helps make the song; it’s infectious and catchy throughout. 

‘Allegedly’ is a firecracker of a metal track, which will stand the test of time! The song ultimately comes from a very personal place, tackling the emotional topic of “friends sitting on the fence with conflicting convictions/ from dealing with trauma, all the while being shunned/called a liar and ignored,” according to the band themselves. ‘Allegedly’ is most certainly a track that Kite Thief can be proud of, with fans appreciating their unique lyrical content as well as being insanely repeat-worthy and notoriously catchy! We can’t wait to see what Kite Thief do next!

Kite Thief’s new single ‘Allegedly’ was officially released on February 25 on all outstanding online streaming services. The group also heavily promoted the track on their various social media platforms leading up to the release. 


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