Cowboy Flying Saucer at Walthamstow Trades Hall, London

Cowboy Flying Saucer took to the stage on Friday, January 28 for a blistering performance at Walthamstow Trades Hall, a hometown gig that drew a considerable crowd to the long-standing social club. Supported by the equally fantastic SPeW and High Functioning, it was a fantastic evening of talent.

The band members themselves are long-standing musicians. They’re something of a phenomenon among Walthamstow locals, having cut their teeth in some of the pubs in the area and therefore developed a dedicated following.

The age-old mantra of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” could’ve very well been applied in the past. However, opinions were revised for this particular set when the band invited keyboard extraordinaire Kirsty Austin to join them. Austin, who CFS vocalist “BK-13” dubbed “Laydeh Boooster Shoes” (with three o’s, we checked), without a doubt elevated what is already a tightly-run ship. I, for one, hope to see her return to the stage with them again. 

They kicked off with setlist frequent flyer ‘Travelodge Wedding,’ invigorating the merry crowd. This was followed by ‘Catholic Naysayers’, from the band’s debut album, then fan favorite (at least, my favorite) ‘Crack Grandma.’ Watching this band live is a distinctively abrasive, cleansing experience— you’re not going to see anything like this anywhere else.

2021 single ‘Mascara‘ was also, unsurprisingly, on the setlist, tailed by its older comrade ‘Enemy Enima,’ showcasing Cowboy Flying Saucer’s ability to curate the most excellent setlist from their robust back catalog. No matter what they choose, they perform every song as if their lives depend on it— every time. 

The band closed out their set with the iconic ‘Theme from Cowboy Flying Saucer,’ perhaps their most ubiquitous cut, and the audience seized the opportunity to have fun and dance one last time. Whether they knew the words or not, it didn’t seem to matter as CFS is one of those bands simply well-loved by all— whether that’s in the moment or perpetually.


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