Sofia Gillani’s emotions in music: creativity is young (and female)

Sofia Gillani is of the bold kind, a musician who is not afraid to experiment, change paths, and make mistakes.

London born and raised, and now in Surrey diving deep into the next adventure, Sofia delivers frames and snapshots of her life with her unique voice. Mother of the songs ‘Ain’t A Game,’ ‘Other Side,’ ‘Waiting for You,’ she has a clear purpose: making music that speaks to the mind and heart of people, mixing genres and styles to create a kaleidoscope of real emotions.

Following her heart is her manifesto, the only way to pursue authenticity with her art. By making her passion a journey, she is growing as a singer and a songwriter, talents she has nurtured forever. She is young, scrappy, and hungry, driven by that anticipation so typical of youths, for whom nothing is impossible or too far from reach. “I truly feel that I could make a statement with music and that it’s not just a song, but a message,” Sofia says, and her path demonstrates her music holds this power, underlining at the same time the self-awareness of the young artist.

“I’ve already released music that’s so out there and abstract; I want to be seen as someone who’s not afraid to try new music. I want to express myself and grow, as I’m still discovering who I am, but I know for sure that I want to make art and say how I’m truly feeling unapologetically” No sugar-coated pills, no filters: this is precisely what Sofia’s music is about and how it takes shape and sound. Her voice is rich and textured, so thick and warm to paint bright colours before the eyes of those listening. It feels like the voice of an old soul, with sounds caressing while telling tales. It is the deep voice of a genuine artist, self-conscious of their talent, a fact even more remarkable once understood it flows so quickly from the body and the mind of one young.

Sofia’s entangled deepness and tenderness come out in original songs and covers, where she delivers poignant performances that grace the originals. She can also switch quickly among genres and styles, and as she says: “I am open to any type of music. I want to explore what I can do and see what music is out there. There are so many musicians/music statements today, and the wide variety just shows how other people perceive music, and I’m really open to that. I’d love to collaborate with people and get other perspectives and viewpoints, but also experiment with my voice.” This openness stems from what she recognises as her main inspiration: her feelings. “I’ve gone through many different experiences, regaining my confidence and self-esteem, or just in general growing with life,” Sofia explains, and goes on, “My music has always been influenced by how I’m feeling. Always. My songs are from a creative outlet of mine, and whether I’m feeling happy, sad, angry, excited, it shows. Past experiences and hope for the future will always fuel my desire to make music, always will”. Her past experiences nourished her creativity and established the perception other people have towards her music. Her audience, her fans, her family — all of them have experienced a version of Sofia through her own words. However, she is aware of her ability to wield these and change the expectations: “Right now, I believe that I’m perceived as someone loud and out there, and that’s exactly what I want to continue. I have expectations for myself; I don’t let anyone make them for me.”

Thriving in the day-to-day, establishing one’s own path, nurturing every moment taking inspiration from the surrounding. Once again, the romantic recollection in tranquillity is the source of meditation this young woman takes on to soak in her artistic journey. A great strength is required to do so, something quite difficult to grow one day at a time: believing in one’s self. Self-confidence is also the advice Sofia feels to share with other fellow artists who face the challenges of exposing their art at a young age: “[You first and foremost have to] believe in yourself. Sounds cliché, but there is no one else doing what you are doing, and there never will be. This is your chance to prove to the world what you feel music is about, no matter how big or small your recognition is. It is your chance to free what you want to say. And passive-aggressive comments, people telling you to give up, or forget it, can never do what you do. You have a message. Sing it, scream it. There’s no right and wrong in real music.”

These words are easy when coming from artists with decades of experience in the industry and albums and concerts behind. Yet, nothing says more authenticity than these words spoken by someone who has a deeper understanding of her situation and the outside, despite being quite the newcomer. Her self-

Awareness hits once more as she tells the one thing she would have changed in her story: “I would stop doubting myself so much, and take my time, instead of worrying ten years in advance what my life would be like. Instead, I would try and live in the present. After all, that’s what I’m doing now.” Sofia is now at the point where she enjoys everything she does. She loves what she does, she loves the endless opportunities that are open in front of her, and she embraces the right to choose a scenario to produce vivid emotions and experience her passion in unknown ways. Of all the breaks she has, she has set a goal: spreading joy. “It’s as simple as that. I want people to feel empowered, not embarrassed. Life is a tricky thing, but music makes it seem brighter, and I want my music to do that. I want my music to make someone’s day better. Or better yet, the world.”

Destination: world. One song at a time, one emotion at a time. Growing as a person, blooming as an artist. Sofia’s future is well ahead of her, taking shape from the songs she has published and those lingering in her mind, still looking for shape. Finding the latter is the artist’s main focus: “I’m right now constantly songwriting and recording in the studio. I am working on new music visuals and even setting up a band to soon do more performances in the near future! My new single, “Water Run Dry,” will be available for pre-order on February 26 and released on March 25. Stay tuned!” Without a doubt, this upcoming song will be a great surprise, adding a piece to that colourful puzzle that Sofia’s music is.

Instagram: sofia.aneesa.gillani 
YouTube: Sofia Gillani 
Facebook: Sofia Gillani
Spotify: Sofia Gillani


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