Muse – ‘Won’t Stand Down’

After almost four years, English band Muse released their new song, ‘Won’t Stand Down.’

As shown by the eight thousand views after the first 40 minutes the song had been out, the fans had expected this day for a very long time.

The sounds came back to those familiar to the very first Muse albums, allowing fans to taste again a brand new explosion of electronic, powerful basses and extremely high vocal notes. All topped off with a cyber puppet master in all white with the face of an old and psycho Matthew Bellamy.

The song is an anthem against bullying, abuse, and coercion full of double-kick drumming and distortion. This rebellion reiterates its power by repeating the very title of the single. Building upon the verses and the sounds, it is a hard song, with metal and melodic patterns intertwined to deliver a knocking out first listening to the ears. A step into the future while nodding to the past, the song resembles the successes of their first albums.

The sounds and text guide an awakening: the one of many used and abused ceases to be trampled on. They started a counterattack, and the oppressor is going to die alone. However, the end of the video, with the puppet master becoming something resembling a dementor, may suggest perpetuating the oppressor-oppressed scheme, leaving the listener to argue whether there is a win or a right stance in this.

There is no question of the urgency and intensity as the song pushes to overcome deadlocks of passiveness, barging in like a hailstorm of noise allowing to see things clearly.


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