heyimmanic – ‘ANXiETY’

Heyimmanic is ready to rock our eardrums once again with the release of his latest single, ‘ANXiETY.’ This track sees the rapper incorporate a feisty pop-punk sound with some punchy vocals, which seems to be inspired by artists such as Machine Gun Kelly. From the first listen, you get instantly drawn in with the catchy punk-filled guitar riff, as well as the memorable chorus hook.

‘ANXiETY’ is a well-rounded powerful, thoughtful track with the rapper truly baring all as a songwriter, covering a sensitive topic like mental health. The inspiration behind the song comes from heyimmanic’s personal experience with anxiety. He constantly endured horrific panic attacks regularly, with him shaking and struggling to breathe for days on end. This resulted in him having to take anti-anxiety medication daily, and the constant doses left him feeling overwhelmed and empty.

This latest single release is a step in the right direction musically for heyimmanic, offering a very raw and authentic take on his own crippling personal experiences with mental health. It also expresses an important message to his fanbase, letting them know that it is okay not to be okay.

Heyimmanic’s new track ‘ANXiETY’ was officially released on all major streaming platforms on November 12. The rapper also promoted the single heavily on his social media accounts leading up to the release.


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