Sam Fischer at The Garage, London

Sam Fischer is an Australian singer-songwriter who has worked with some global pop superstars, including Ciara, Lennon Stella, Louis Tomlinson, Elle King, Jessie J, Virginia To Vegas, and many more. On Tuesday, October 5, he headed to London for his first headlining show in the city, which turned out to be a dream come true for him and his audience alike.

If you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you are bound to have heard a Fischer song even if you didn’t know that’s what you were listening to. His song ‘This City’ has about 2 million likes on TikTok and about 388 million streams on Spotify. So it’s safe to say he’s grabbed internet stardom with both hands. He is ready to take on the rest of the world with his upcoming debut album, of which he is adding the finishing touches as we speak. 

Fischer is known for writing down-to-earth songs that are a great mix of honest, relatable, and enjoyable rolled into one. This tour gave fans the chance to hear his TikTok hits and new tunes alike, and he’d brought Luz Corrigen along for the ride. The Irish singer/songwriter, better known by her stage name Luz, first caught attention with a cover of Dean Lewis’ “Lose My Mind” that captivated listeners and the musician himself, who later invited Luz to support him in Dublin.

Luz was a perfect match for Fischer’s show, opening for him and setting the mood just right. Playing songs accompanied by the guitar or the keyboard, she set a mellow tone for the night. The audience welcomed her, clapping and whooping in all the right places as the crowd grew larger and larger. It was not long before Sam came out at what seemed like a little bit early for a night that’s curfew was 11 pm.

Accompanied by a full band, he played songs like ‘Everybody’s Got Somebody’ and danced around the stage wearing his rather snazzy jacket. A jacket he loved so much he refused to remove even when it began to get very hot up there. He also belted out an extraordinary rendition of ‘What Other People Say’ with another singer standing in for Demi Lovato in the duet. She nailed the vocals and may have even surpassed Lovato themself.

Some tracks were performed acoustically with just one man, Liam, on guitar. This gave the band a rest for a while, at least. This section included the song ‘Carry It Well’ and later on the new single due out this week, ‘Hopeless Romantic.’ It is easy to say Fischer is exactly that wearing his heart on his sleeve not only in his music but right the way through his performance. He stopped several times to thank just about everybody, fans, the audience, TikTokers, people behind the scenes, and anybody else that had ever had a thing to do with his ability to tour and do what he so clearly loves: to perform!

Throughout the performance, he joked that the crowd would have to wait to hear the song on everybody’s mind. However, when the moment finally came, the crowd were uplifted and sang along to every word of ‘This City.’ It was a bittersweet moment hearing the hit that brought him to these stages but knowing it meant the set was soon to be over. 

The mystery of the early start and now finish had also been answered. Fischer explained he would be coming out to meet and take photos with as many people as possible over by the merch stand. It was a genuine move from a genuine man that we hope to be seeing so much more of in the future— he may even one day surpass the global pop stars he’s worked with!


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