Fusing all the best elements of punk and metal, Real Authority established themselves as a force to be reckoned with when they released their sensational debut EP True Motion in 2019.

They’ve been quick on the uptake—not letting the pandemic put a stop to their plans for domination—and last month saw the release of follow-up EP TRU EMOTION. Combining two previously released singles (‘TRANSYLVANIAN ROCK’ and ‘DO YOU WANNA?!’) with three unheard cuts, the record showcases incredible creativity as well as being blistering in its delivery. 

‘DO YOU WANNA?!’ opens the record with a blast, a short, sharp hit of hard rock that proves the track an instant triumph. The intensity then continues with ‘TAKE THE BREATH OUTTA ME,’ a blistering effort complete with a pumping rhythm section and face-melting guitar solo. There’s a level of professionalism found in this collection of songs that may come as a surprise to some, being from an up-and-coming band, but Real Authority aren’t here to fit into boxes.

Halloween comes early in ‘TRANSYLVANIAN ROCK,’ a melodic metal track that has an almighty bite. Once more, the rhythm section steals the show at the start before being joined by brutal vocals and, later on, another scorching guitar riff—yet another track that reveals an extraordinary level of know-how that would leave even some of the most seasoned artists envious.

‘WHATEVER THE WEATHER’ follows, which lead vocalist John James Davies describes as a “straight up love song.” Real Authority’s influences shine true throughout this EP, but it’s on this track that they are actively trying to channel them. “I really wanted to sound like Ozzy on this track,” Davies confirmed, and it’s safe to say he was successful in his venture—while, of course, putting a fresh spin on it.

Real Authority cite their inspirations for ‘Howl’ to be Misfits and Velvet Revolver, which is apparent in its alluring onslaught. It’s the perfect closer to what is a solid EP that thrives both melodically and lyrically. There’s no doubt that a lot of dedication, time, and talent has gone into producing this record, and it will hopefully see the band being able to reap all the benefits.

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