Magic Sugar Coffee are an emerging pop-punk duo currently based in Switzerland. The British/American group have been noted for their catchy melodies and punky guitar-driven riffs, reminiscent of All Time Low and New Found Glory in the mid-2000s.

The duo have just released their newest single titled ‘Blkout,’ featuring British indie rock singer/songwriter Joshua Howlett. This brand new track is a slight musical shift from their previous indie-inspired release to more of an energetic rock-driven sound. From the first note, we are hooked with the infectious pop-punk melody and gritty vocals. Then, leading into the memorable chorus, we are well and truly hooked!

Joshua Howlett’s addition to the track is also welcome, with his indie-rock influence adding a completely different element. Howlett’s kooky vocals are the perfect inclusion to the song, giving it even more edge and lasting power.

‘Blkout’ is a solid pop-punk track, speaking of the realities of a romantic relationship in an uplifting, catchy way. It is relatable, energetic, and is sure to get stuck in our heads for months to come! They are certainly a force be reckoned with. They are sure to go even further in the coming months, and we are excited to see what is to come from them!

Magic Sugar Coffee’s new single ‘Blkout’ was officially released on August 6 on streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube. The band also promoted the single leading up to the release via their social media accounts.


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