Sharasad + Tracked Clockhand at Kinder Garden, Modena

An early summer night, live music, and a palpable desire to get back to normal, to make music together, to dance, and get lost in the crowd.

Tracked Clockhand christened the stage for the night, setting the standard high for the performances. There were off-the-book executions of covers and unpublished pieces, with the hunger and passion of a young and scrappy group ready to rock. It was brilliant music with biting lead vocals as they worked the crowd. It took a few minutes before the audience was standing and jumping to the beat. 

Sharasad were up next, each of them behind their instrument, their groovy attitude already at ease. The trembling audience was standing still, without giving way not to lose their spot. The pit was jam-packed, everyone tightly together. 

“Piracy is not a crime,” announced the singer to the crowd, and the night began. 

From the first song onwards, cheers, jumps, feet stamping, mush pits, and hands in the hair studded the performance, a tribute to rock music made with heart and soul by the young and hungry five protagonists. Their first-ever live show, and yet it felt like they had done nothing else in their lives. The audience was hyped, thanks to the heat, the music, the night. Unreleased songs as ‘One Sip to Bust,’ ‘Fireflies in Dark Rooms,’ and ‘No Name/Policia/A Love Story,’ were interspersed with iconic singles as ‘Modern Age’ and ‘Ode To The Mets’ by The Strokes and ‘Go With The Flow’ and ‘Make It Wit Chu’ by Queens Of The Stone Age. Every bassline, every guitar riff, every drum roll getting the crowd more and more pumped. 

The highlight of the tracklist was undoubtedly ‘Sylvie,’ their first released song: all the people were screaming the lyrics, some of them jumping, some dancing, most of them hugging wildly, almost drunken with new-found freedom and light-heartedness. Friends and family in the crowd together with strangers, the five performers engaged and grabbed attention as consummate musicians. 

After ‘Dead Man Held On Hand,’ the song chosen as the closing track and the much-awaited next single to be recorded, the audience claimed more. The mood shift during Sylvie was so involved that the crowd call for an encore performance to end the night. 

June 18 was a full-fledged rock explosion, making music the good old way, tuning up and adjusting the volumes, every little step as part of the experience. It was an evening of fun, of energy, mirroring the band’s state of mind and their bubble of blasting music. 

The volumes were loud, the bustle in the audience even louder. Sharasad are ready for their one thousand and one night. 

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