‘Boomer Baby’ is the latest single from British songwriter Ryan McMey, a young pop talent writing and producing from his bedroom to the world. 

A musician and a singer, McMey has shown his ability to turn problems into solutions: while the Covid period was evolving into a real-life nightmare, he glanced at his life so far and wrote and sang on what he was missing from the past, what he feared for the future, along with the things to forget and those to remember. 

Available from April 2, the soothe and mood single ‘Boomer Baby’ is as unexpected as refreshing, becoming a surprisingly pleasant Easter present. A severe and hard accusation hidden into a candy perfectly mirrors the artist’s signature style, that of using pop melodies combined with committed and profound lyrics to sow the seeds of doubt and talk about the real. 

The title intrigues and the Gen Z fans of McMey are over the moon about the song’s premises and promises. The time has come for a sarcastic song underlining mercilessly everything the baby boomers are doing wrong. Parents, imposing on their children, hidden behind their own life recipes and yet with little understanding of them and their lives. Those with power, realized persons knowing so little about how life is now for the youngsters. The sweetest voice suggesting they got it all wrong, and they are only making fun of themselves, dumb. 

Plain rhythm, soft sounds, the refrain running through the head. An easy listening melody, with a natural timbre painting pastel tones welcoming a friendly voice, teasing and playing with words and meanings. Running the song on a loop, we are finally relieved someone dared to speak. 

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