Every month an absolute plethora of artists release music, many of whom are yet to break into the mainstream scene. There simply isn’t enough time to listen to them all, but we’ve been listening to new artists all month, trying to consume as much new music as possible. To make it even easier for you to discover new talent, we’ve created a list of nine up-and-coming artists who released singles this month that are well worth checking out.

Moxy One – ‘Never Break Up’

‘Never Break Up’ is Moxy One’s debut single, and it gives meaning to the phrase “start as you mean to go on.” The band themselves describe the song as having “Tight vocal harmonies, bright guitars, a Bowie bassline and a Green Day chorus,” which is a lot to live up to. Thankfully it definitely makes the cut.

This indie-pop song sees frontman Mike Chancellor singing about that go-to lyrical staple, the good, the bad, and the ugly of relationships. Or rather one relationship in particular. Moxy One does brit-pop proud with the catchy chorus that will hook listeners and the incredibly satisfying instrumental that will reel them in.

The single is three and a half minutes of brilliance that is sure to impress. These guys are bound to make a splash in the future, and you could not be blamed for thinking they’ve been at this for years. It’s currently available at all the usual places, including Spotify, so don’t miss out; stream it straight away.

Maki Flow – ‘Better Off Alone

Born and raised in Rome, now based in London, Maki Flow has released her single ‘Better Off Alone’, the first track from her debut EP Can’t Act My Age out later this year. It’s a great disco-pop song that you can imagine filling the dancefloor of many a club night. The song about finding your own feet sees its creator doing precisely that, musically.

The intro will have listeners clicking their fingers along to that beat and, when the song kicks in, wanting to get up and dance. Flows vocals are magnificent over the pounding rhythm section, especially during the addictive chorus melody.

The only downside to this song is that it’s over too fast despite being over three minutes long; it must be true that time flies when you’re having fun. You can listen to it in all the best places now, and you should!

Shader – ‘Runaway’

Hailing from Stoke and Manchester, SHADER has graced us with their most recent single, ‘RUNAWAY’, this month. A real indie-rock intro leads us into witty lyricism and distinctive vocals. The lyricist Stu Whiston tells us the song is about the anxiety of everyday life, what’s real v’s fake.

“The upsurge of talentless TV celebrity culture becoming a legitimate career move and the overwhelming desire to run away to somewhere with some soul,” he says. This is evident as he sings, “There’s nothing real in reality / But it’s my only opportunity / Stuck indoors making plans / Idol thoughts for busy hands.”

The guitars are particularly perfect in this song, and they go hard towards the end of the track. You will want to listen to this one again and again. RUNAWAY is out now on all digital platforms & limited edition vinyl for those of you who still buy physical music.

Tyler Rayn – ‘Crossfire’

‘Crossfire’ by Tyler Rayn is pure unadulterated pop music, and it’s brilliantly beautiful. The track is strong and vulnerable all at the same time, which is something Rayn pulls off effortlessly. His voice melts like butter and is spread across the scintillating soundscape created as the backdrop to complement the vocal stylings of this star.

“Sometimes you gotta just keep holding on & this song is about that,” said Rayn when talking about the track. “Not letting people tear you down and remembering who you are & your values as a person,” he continued. The song does a great job of embodying this vibe and is the perfect soundtrack to surviving adversity without losing yourself.

You can stream the song in all the usual places, including Spotify, and we strongly advise you to give it a listen, and then another one, and then another one; in fact, just put it on repeat.

Warren Thomas Fenzi – ‘If I Had A Dime’

This next track, ‘If I Had A Dime’, is brought to you by Warren Thomas Fenzi. This is the first release off of his upcoming dual-album titled Garden Street. It was an excellent choice for a lead single because it immediately sucks you in and down the rabbit hole. Listeners will find themselves genuinely looking forward to taking a trip through his back catalogue and out the other side into his upcoming new material.

The mellow track has a laid-back groove that’s toe-tappingly pleasing. It takes indie rock and shakes some easy listening into it to create a distinctive sound. One that has been described as “Coldplay’s melancholy and introverted younger sibling.” Although this Fenzi’s sound is not easy to compare to others, it has something about it that stands out above the noise. Be sure to give it a listen on Spotify or whatever platform you get your music from.

Superbloom – ‘Paper & Stone’

When London-based Superbloom released their single ‘Paper & Stone’, they were gracing us all with a gift, the gift of good music. This their third single release taps into a unique sound that they have created, mashing together their influences from 90’s Grunge to Blues Rock. The result is a real rock song that digs deep into your subconscious to plant seeds of intensity in your mind.

The Lyrics are set to get you thinking too as they “apply metaphorical meaning to the perceived image of human perfection, generated by today’s mainstream media,” according to frontman Robert James. James’ vocals will give listeners chills throughout the verses before hitting with a punch in the chorus, which is enhanced by the distorted guitars. The bass also hits you in an impressive way, especially around the second verse.

If you’re looking to treat your senses to some great music today, then you can buy or download the single from the usual suspects.

Prom Night Rejects – ‘Circles’

Now for our monthly dose of pop-punk, thanks to Prom Night Rejects and their track ‘Circles’, their debut single. It looks at the current worldwide pandemic taking a stab at the ‘powers at be’ singing: “The world stopped turning the lights went out / Even in this darkness we see you.” In doing this, the band who are based in Tamworth, UK, follows the traditions of punk rock.

That’s the lyrical element sewn up, but what’s the music like? It’s a little raw, with their own take on the pop-punk genre. It’s nice to hear something that’s not overproduced in the genre as a welcome change. The talent is there, and you can hear it in their music first approach. They will transport you back to a time when we could see live music, hearing what would be an outstanding live performance.

Be sure to give this one a stream over on Spotify and keep an eye out for Prom Night Rejects in the future.

Tom Saint – ‘Till I Crash’

The official line is that Tom Saint’s ‘Till I Crash’ is a visceral bass-heavy party track, reminiscing on a pre-lockdown night out, yearning for its return. It’s a party in a song as he takes us through the story of his excess. This may not be the deepest, most meaningful of songs, but it could be the song we need as we prepare to get out of lockdown and get back to the party life.

This song sees Saint collaborate with old friend D-LINGS; the resulting song is impressive. The production is pinpoint perfection, and it adds to the addictive appeal of the track. If he goes on creating music like this, you can see him heading places, and we don’t just mean to the next party!

Be sure to stream this one over at Spotify when you get the chance and maybe even play it at pre-drinks sometime soon!

Nuns Of The Tundra – ‘C’est La Vie

‘C’est La Vie’ is the first single off of the Nuns Of Tundra’s new record. The world’s gone crazy, and so have I. It was created thanks to BBC Introducing Live in London. Out of 100s of bands that applied, they were selected for a studio session at Kore Studios in London. This means they’re following in the footsteps of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Razorlight, and Florence and the Machine!

The band says the song is the “rawest and most passionate version of our sound to date,” which is quite some statement. The song opens with that very rawness, and you are instantly sent back to another time in music history. The band are right about one thing the song has a poppy chorus as they describe it. It will make you want to sing along. The drums are dramatically reminiscent of something old school that would have made the alternative charts back in the early 2000s. It is a short song, but definitely short and sweet.

Head on over to Spotify and listen to this, the lead single off of their EP, now.

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