Jack Frohlich – Silver Going Grey

Birmingham’s Jack Frohlich is releasing his EP Silver Going Grey, and it’s going to be an interesting one.

According to Frohlich, he has been inspired by many artists, including Declan McKenna, Oscar Lang, and Rex Orange County. However, what he has produced is something special that, as many others have noted, is not easily comparable to other artists.

The EP kicks in with just over four minutes of brilliance in the way of the song ‘Colouring Lines.’ An interesting look at youth where amongst other things, Frohlich compares himself and companions to a “mothers meeting” without having children. 

He has created an optimistic track that tells us that, “The blue skies lie outside the colouring lines, and that’s just where I’ll be.” It also gives the EP its name from the line, “Well apparently my silvers are going grey / But I’ve got enough time to make one more mistake.” The upbeat song is a great opener and leaves you ready for more.

Lucky for us all, there is more in the way of ‘Goldilocks’, which is even more upbeat than the last song. It will get your toe tapping and the cogs in your head spinning too. 

Lyrically Frohlich is very smart, his musings perfectly worded to say out loud what some of us could never vocalise. It is as if he has ripped off the top of every adolescent’s head, grabbed a little from inside each, and sprawled it across beats and guitars for our enjoyment. 

Next up is ‘School Boy’, which has already been released as a single to a great reception from radio stations that include BBC Introducing West Midlands and Amazing Radio. It’s no surprise here as this is one of the standout tracks on the EP. The track not only shows off that impeccable lyricism but unique vocals too. 

The EP so far has a wonderful indie-pop feel reminiscent of some of the amazing tracks of 15 years ago that pushed the style to the forefront of the music scene. There is a touch of something else individually special thrown in that belongs to Frohlich and him alone. ‘You Have Yourself’ is a wonderful example of that a slightly more mellow song.

A funkier sounding retro-esque track is sent to close out the record with what is the other single release from the EP, ‘Superhero’. A bit of a favourite, this one will have people dancing around the room, going from a casual listener to fan in the space of 4 mins and 20 seconds. “Now I know, now I know, I’m no superhero,” he tells us. 

When the song finally fades out, you can be forgiven for feeling disappointed that it is over. This is definitely an EP that will leave you wanting more; it’s that good. Silver Going Grey is out on March 19 at all the usual places you stream or download your music. Do yourself a favour and put this one on repeat. 


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