The pandemic has affected any artist’s approach to their music. With the loss of live music, plus traditional recording methods having to be thrown out the window, some artists have embraced the change and used it as a catalyst for inspiration.

Italian indie-pop artist Alessandro Ciminata has spent the time producing home-demos and reflecting on the better aspects of lockdown. Why is that important? “It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but in the dark, some people actually managed to find their lost light, regaining control of their lives,” he says. Ciminata believes it has “brought a lot of clarity where there was none,” including in his personal life.

His newest release, a song titled ‘feels like heaven’, takes this positive perspective on lockdown and dives into the benefits of having a partner amidst the craziness. One of the benefits being a distraction from the real world: “a daily devotion, my mind’s taking off,” he sings. And to a more bold extent, he confides, “f*** I’m in love!” (fair enough).

The song also relies on detailed lyrics to paint the whole picture. “Morning coffee outside our door, working out ways to save us all,” he describes. It’s a positive song that doesn’t dismiss the negative.

This upbeat gem is packed with funky instrumentals and a feel-good, refreshing take on an otherwise crappy situation. And as for whether we should keep someone close during lockdown? He recommends a “warm blanket, a hot chocolate” and dancing to this track as an alternative.

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