After Youth – Lipstick EP

After Youth want us to know they are all about playing as loud as possible. “Big amps, loud drums, and permanent ear damage are what it’s about,” they tell us.

Their most recent release, Lipstick EP, was written and produced during lockdown like many other musical projects emerging at this time. It is a nice break away from all things pandemic-related and something else you can get into, if for only a short while. 

‘Lipstick and Glue’ kicks in hard, and straight away, listeners can imagine someone strutting around the stage in a retro dive club. This first song’s sound gives us a great preview into the EP with music that’s loud and proud. Their musicianship is the Lipstick and glue that holds this record together. 

Next up is ‘The Bitter End’, where the vocals sometimes get lost in amongst the music, which is not a bad thing. The guitars and drums are front and centre for this act, and it’s refreshing to hear. In fact, the real beauty of this song lies in the instrumental parts where the band goes all out.

‘Do What You Want’ is a bitter take on being so ‘over someone.’ Vocals spit venom as we’re told, “Baby baby, I’m over you / You can do what you want / You know I don’t care / I want out of my life / I want you out of my hair.” We also hear how he’s over their walk, smile, laugh, and talk—the energy of hatred to an incredible backdrop of good old-fashioned rock n roll. It will be a pleasure to hear ‘Do What You Want’ live when lockdown easing allows as it just calls to be played to the masses. In fact, this whole EP would be a great addition to After Youth’s setlist and bound to be enjoyed by eager crowds.

‘Love Everything’ is as the title sounds, a more upbeat message lives in this song amongst the dramatic drumming and great guitar riffs you can hear the words, “You have to live your life like the end is near / Love everything and everything will become clear.” This is one that you would throw on in a dive bar jukebox and have the whole place nodding their heads along.

The Lipstick EP is definitely one to listen to with the volume turned up, and you’ll be transported back in time to when music was honest and raw. It would be highly advised for everyone to stream this gem at all the usual places when released on March 19.


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