Mako Bron – Mirror Mirror

Mako Bron is a committed songwriter and musician with over 20 years of experience using his passion for music to create beautiful things.

Bron, known for touring with Sydney musicians, has been absent from music for a while. He has now returned with a brand new EP Mirror Mirror that starts out with an ‘Awkward Moment’ not literally, of course, that’s just the song’s name. Giving us a great little guitar intro, there’s an air of anticipation of what to expect before the vocals kick in. 

This song has everything you could ask for musically, focusing on great guitar riffs that give way to a more electronic sound towards the end of the track. This mix of sounds sets up nicely what to expect on the EP as a whole, so you have a great hint at what is coming for you.

Drums lead us into the next song, ‘Something Always’, which was released as the lead single of this EP a month ago and was met with good reception. This Indie track is a little less upbeat, but you can see why it was chosen to give people their first taste of Mirror Mirror. 

It’s a smooth offering that displays Bron’s vocals brilliantly, as well as his lyrical knack for writing something catchy. He is playful with words and getting his point across when he tells us, “I don’t know why / You don’t know why / Something always gets in the way / You don’t know why / I don’t know why / Something always gets in the way.” 

Rather unsurprisingly, the track named ‘Snow White’ holds the origin of the EP title Mirror Mirror. This song is a little less indie anthem a little more electronic pop song. Nevertheless, it’s entertaining and has a great groove to get down to, and undoubtedly listeners will want to.

The final song, ‘Pulling The Line’ mixes some catchy light melody with dark lyrics. This is something many musicians do, but here we have an example of doing it well. Neither aspect takes away from the other. This is a song that you can imagine being performed live and being lapped up by the audience. Maybe to close out a set the way it perfectly closes out the EP. 

In general, the EP merges real instruments with synth sounds designed to give us a feel of the past and future colliding. This works out really well and what the listener is left with is a great little collection of songs that all compliment each other nicely. This is an EP that is sure to earn Bron new fans and please the existing ones. You can stream Mirror Mirror in all the usual places from 12th March.

This coverage was created via Musosoup #SustainableCurator.

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