A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome

It’s the album we’ve all been waiting and waiting and waiting for. A Day To Remember announced the release of their album You’re Welcome so long ago that you could be forgiven for thinking it may never have arrived. Finally, it’s now due to drop on Friday, March 5, at long last. 

Their first release at new home Fueled By Ramen, You’re Welcome is the band’s seventh album. Jeremy McKinnon has previously said the album sound would be a “happier” one and that he wanted to merge A Day To Remember’s sound with modern influences. It was produced by Colin Brittain and McKinnon, 

We start with the track ‘Brick Wall’, a familiar one with fans who first heard the song when released as the fourth single of the album in November last year. A song pre-packaged for live performances full of everything fans love about A Day To Remember. WIth brilliant build-ups and crashing climaxes, slow and speed merged to create something worth screaming about. 

Next up is ‘Mindreader’; also a single, it’s a great little song set in a relationship it has a lovely little dance appeal. Rooted squarely in pop-punk, if you don’t feel yourself bopping to it, then the album is probably lost on you. As we listen, we run from one song into the next seamlessly, each one almost perfect. 

For something slightly different, we are presented with ‘Only Money’, a track that revolves around family, fond memories in the wake of grief, and the lessons learned from the past. A song that’s lyrically beautiful accompanied by easy-going music to give a softer feel. “If you can hear me / I’ll always picture / You at the piano singing your songs / Just know there’s so many / Lessons you left me I’ll always carry along,” he promises.

Which tracks are the best will be decided in the most part by if the listener prefers the poppy aspects of the band or the heavier ones. While most songs are a good mix of all of this, some tracks veer to one side or the other. For example, the standout Poppiest tracks are definitely ‘High Diving’, which has a catchy summer vibe and a sing-along chorus sewn together with dazzling drums, and ‘Re-Entry’, which excels at getting stuck in your head. 

Those who prefer the heavier songs will definitely like ‘Last Chance To Dance (Bad Friend)’. Characterized by a sound tethered to headbanging and lyrics perfect for screaming, as they are. ‘Resentment’ also packs a heavier punch; the urgency in McKinnon’s voice grows in through the pre-chorus in the lead up to the chorus kicking in. When this one finally makes it to a live show, post-pandemic fans are gonna love screaming along to the bridge and moshing accordingly.

The record was well worth the wait. The singles released in the run-up to the album drop did not give away the full beauty of the complete project. However, they did hint at the variety awaiting audiences. In other words, what you were expecting is not necessarily what you got. At near perfection, this album is definitely worth adding to your collection.


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