Chase Atlantic – Beauty In Death

Chase Atlantic, known for their unique blend of hip hop, RnB, and some form of rock, have given us a new album, Beauty In Death. 

This will be the trio’s third album, so is three the lucky number? We’ve already had some sneak previews in the way of single releases and teases from their PHASES Livestream in April 2020. So fans did have an idea of what to expect, but even still, there are a couple of surprises.

The album starts with ‘Paranoid’, an explicit track that sets the scene for what’s to follow with a dirty raw sound. Its highlights include a glittering guitar solo rising from the dirt but unfortunately, the momentary rise sinks again as the next track rolls in. ‘Pleasexanny’ could be the dullest song on the album; it’s repetitious sound has no appeal.

Luckily it is onwards and upwards, and ‘Out The Roof’ presents us with something a little more gritty to get our teeth into. The song, which will be familiar to fans already, was the first single to be released from this album. Another familiar song follows this as ‘Slide’ drips in with its slicker sound with lyrics promising: “I know that you’ve never been this high / Promise, baby, I’ll take you to heaven if you want it / I’ll take you to heaven if you die.”

The title track ‘Beauty In Death’ takes things up a notch for a more upbeat song; you may even be able to dance to this one. ‘Please Stand By’ recruits De’Wayne Jackson and Xavier Mayne and is one of the album’s stand-out tracks. The beat is a little addictive, and the chorus is a little catchy, but the true beauty lies in the verses. 

The album’s lyrical content pretty much revolves around doing drugs, the ups, downs, or more precisely, the comedowns. There’s the usual stuff about girls, but it’s hardly profound, nor does it profess to be. It’s a soundtrack to a messy weekend or two.

After a few more tracks, the album seems to drag on a little, with some of the songs seeming same-y. By the time listeners make it to ‘I Think I’m Lost Again’, things have spiraled downwards slightly. Hearing the cliched phrase “I’m so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired” is bound to make you wonder if you too are not a bit sick and tired of this record. 

Chase Atlantic do leave the best till last in the form of ‘Wasted’. Starting out slow like many of the tracks do, it isn’t long before it kicks in, and it’s toe-tappingly good. A trippy soundscape makes way for something a bit more dramatic drumming before winding back down to fade out the entire album. This album is worth a stream if you like Lil Peep or even G-Eazy or are already fans of Chase Atlantic themselves. 


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