UK indie pop band Blondes on making a name for themselves through social media

Blondes got together during their freshman year of college. The lineup has remained the same since their inception as a cover band: vocalist Will Potter, guitarist Alex Davidson, guitarist and drummer Daniel Stroud, keys and guitarist Mark Turton, and bassist Tom Herbert.

As a small college band, Blondes gigged around London and earned a small but loyal local fan base. After college, the band decided to move into a house together. The five musicians have greatly benefited from this move during the lockdown.

Since the band lives together, they have been able to work on music throughout the pandemic. Although Blondes have missed out on their favorite part of music, live shows, they have been able to take advantage of this strange time and work on their music. The band spent a fair amount of lockdown trying to replicate the musician’s high by playing live music in their living room, but it’s just not the same. They turned to write and looking into themselves; because of this time to reflect and write, their music has matured. Their new music is a natural progression of growth that has most likely been pushed forward faster than it would have been had Blondes not had all this time to reflect. Blondes feel as though they have found a solid sound for themselves and plan to take that sound as far as possible.

Blondes write music that is inspired by decades of influences. When they first started playing together, they were attempting to imitate the bands they are inspired by, but they have learned how to give a nod to these artists without trying to sound exactly like them. Their music is their version of alternative pop-rock. They aim to create a sound that gives the listener the same feeling they would get if they were sitting on someone’s shoulders listening to their favorite band at a festival — a sound of a perfect situation filled with pure bliss. Blondes call this sound “euphoric indie-pop.”

Blondes have gained traction recently due to their single ‘Coming of Age’ going viral as a sound on TikTok. The song created the trend “#comingofage” that has been shared by millions of TikTok users, including Lizzo. Alex Davidson says that ‘Coming of Age’ began as a riff that had a nostalgic feeling to it, and the obvious progression was for the song to have a sound that matches that. Blondes wrote the song that matched the riff: “a semi-autobiographical [anthem] about risking something with blind hope that it would pay off,” a blind hope only a teenager can hold. This blind hope has certainly paid off. Their viral single and social media have shot Blondes into success — the group started in college playing covers and is now signed to C3 Records out of Austin, Texas. Their growing popularity on social media has earned ‘Coming of Age’ two million streams and 230k monthly Spotify listeners. As the band’s following grows, they continue to grow as musicians.

Blondes have been lucky enough to work with director James Slater for their ‘Coming of Age’ music video. The video is a nod to coming of age films and the TikTok videos that earned the song its popularity. They are currently working on their debut EP, with the record set to be released in Spring 2021.

As a band, their main goal is to headline the Glastonbury Festival. They throw this goal around as a joke, but they think it would be the coolest thing to ever happen to them. When they fulfill this goal, they will be able to say, “We made it!” A goal they see as more attainable is that they strive to make music that inspires people, just as others’ music has done for them.

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