Wax Romantics – Nail Biter in Pinky Land

Wax Romantics are a duo who neglected to tell anyone about releasing their first EP, Heart of Wax. This time around, the pair have done a bit of promotion in the announcement of their second EP: Nail Biter in Pinky Land

Wax Romantics’ second EP holds a darker tone than their debut. Influenced indirectly by the seeming downfall of the world around us is cause for this tone. 

The EP starts with one of its three singles, ‘Come Down’, a song with a heavy 1980’s Brit-pop sound and feel. The track begins with a Bowie-esque intro. From this synth-rock sound, Nail Biter in Pinky Land then moves into a second single, ‘I Love U’, yet another song that sounds straight out of an ultra-cool 80’s film. The piece is heavy in synth-pop nostalgia. 

The final single, ‘No Distance Left 2 Run’, continues the 1980’s feel. It feels a little more modern than the next but still holds the style that Wax Romantics have established for themselves. The song is low and slow, with a strong drum backbeat and catchy guitar riffs. 

Track four, ‘Something Like Angels’, sounds as though it should be in a video game. The song comes in at just under three minutes for a quick little synth-driven pop song. 

‘In Shangri-La’ diverges from the path of the songs that came before it. The song is The Smiths meets everything that modern alternative pop is right now. A perfect mix of old school and contemporary. 

The final song, ‘Fall Time’, has more of a rock ‘n’ roll feel. It would fit on a playlist of early 2000’s alternative rock seamlessly. The guitar drives The Smiths-like vocals. 

Wax Romantics have a firmly established, reminiscent sound of the late 20th century, an impressive feat for a modern-day American band. While their songs follow this format, it does slightly differs from song to song. Nail Biter in Pinkyland is an excellent representation of both skill and talent in writing and production that Wax Romantics has honed. 


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