Not Your Muse is the much-anticipated debut album by Celeste. Who is Celeste, I hear you ask; another pop star? In 2019, she won a BRIT award for Rising Star and BBC Music Introducing Artist of the year. Unfortunately, she was robbed of what could have been her year in 2020 by the pandemic, but never fear, her album is finally here.

There are a few songs you may already know; perhaps you recognize her unique voice from Sky Sports Premier League football coverage. Hearing her effortlessly hitting the right notes, declaring, “You’ll never stop this flame, I will never let you go” from the song ‘Stop This Flame’.

Maybe football is not your thing, but undoubtedly if you watch TV even only occasionally, you are bound to have seen John Lewis’ Christmas 2020 advert. The song ‘A Little Love’ was written for that advert and is an excellent example of the huskier aspects of Celeste’s voice.

The songs we already know aside, this record starts with ‘Ideal Woman’, a song that, while being very nice, leaves you wondering what to expect from the album but not necessarily baying for more. This makes it a bit of a lifesaver that the next track is ‘Strange’, a ballad that makes the most of strings and things, things being a beautiful piano.

The album starts to pick up when we get to track three, ‘Tonight Tonight’, not just in brilliance but in beat, as things all start to get more upbeat indeed. This is one you could dance to, and we actually did. Other standout songs include ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’, which has even more strings and things includes bongos.

This album is cleverly crafted to show off what an exceptional voice Celeste has, and as we progress through the tracks, we become more and more drawn in by it. She has already been tipped as the voice of a generation, and Not Your Muse may well solidify that claim.

During the title track, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a seasoned pro and not a young woman who was releasing her debut album at just 24 years old. It’s a song that proves she doesn’t need a whole lot of jazz to shine, just an acoustic guitar and a whole lot of talent.

If you like soulful pop music, you’ll love this album, a collection of songs that will appeal to people from all walks of life, all ages. The album is out on Friday, February 29, and there’s also a deluxe version that contains an extra nine tracks, including ‘It’s Alright’, a duet with Jon Batiste from the latest Disney Pixar film Soul. Yep, Celeste was involved in that too. This girl has her fingers in so many pies, it’s unbelievable. She is definitely a one to watch and here for the long run, we hope.

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