Lonely The Brave – The Hope List

Lonely The Brave are due to release their first album to feature their new vocalist, Jack Bennett. The album was completed during the first lockdown here in the UK last year. Band members are based in West Yorkshire, Bristol, and Cambridgeshire, and despite putting together a new album, two of the band members continue to work for the NHS during the pandemic. 

Their old vocalist, David Jakes, left in early 2018 to attend to mental health matters, and many fans were left wondering if anyone could fill the void on this new record. However, it seems as if Bennett has managed to do precisely that, bringing us all a little hope as he intended to.

“I thought these songs were all just gloomy and that I was whinging all the way through because that’s what I do,” joked Bennett, “but in the end, I found that every time I wrote something, the underlying message would always be that it’s not <that> bad; things are going to be alright; there is always hope.”

And so, after nearly four years, we have been offered this their third album, The Hope List, which brings us a new sound but one not too far removed from where they came from. The band has rock elements, of course, and throughout the collection of tracks, we hear layered vocals and big choruses. This is all held together with amazing guitars and is very well produced.

We first hear ‘Bound’, which is an upbeat, optimistic, energy-driven sound. It may be a little out of the ordinary for fans who are used to their older sound, but it’s a great example of something new that will take the band far, much like other anthems on the album, which include the fantastic ‘Bright Eyes’.

Other songs on the album that sound more like their older material include ‘Chasing Knives’, which puts instruments first, including epic guitar and drum work. However, the band doesn’t care what we think; they just wanted to put out something authentic, which they have certainly succeeded in. “My entire attitude towards the record was, ‘I don’t care what anyone else thinks, as long as the guys are happy with how it sounds.’ I just wanted to make sure it was the best record for them.” Bennett wants us to know.

Overall the album does a great job at bringing Lonely The Brave back into the forefront of our minds, and hopefully the scene. It’s one that will either be loved or hated by fans depending on how much they are willing to see their favourite band change and grow. If you’ve never heard the band before, this is a great introduction and will leave you baying for more. 

The band acknowledges their change in sound comes from a change in vibe, telling us that, “There has been a huge shift in dynamic now. It’s a completely different vibe from where we were before. There’s a renewed energy and a renewed focus. Everything feels very positive in the Lonely The Brave camp.” Subsequently, they’ve produced a very positive album that is well worth more than a listen and definitely a download. 



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