Los Angeles quintet Hollywood Undead are arguably one of the most recognized rap-rock groups of the 21st century. They are set to release their latest album New Empire, Vol. 2, on December 4. 

Hollywood Undead released the first of the two volumes in February earlier this year, featuring memorable tracks like ‘Time Bomb’, ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Heart of a Champion’. The group’s new compilation is said to be moving on from the “deconstruction of the society we live in today” discussed in the first album. The second release is going to be focused more on “reimagining a new world.”

The first track on the release is ‘Medicate’. This song is all about self-reflection and discovery. It is more pop-driven than previous work, but it is still worth a listen! Next up is ‘Comin’ Thru the Stereo’ featuring Hyro the Hero. This track is a definite nod to the group’s roots. The chorus is catchy and will definitely get stuck in your head in no time.

‘Ghost Out’ is more synth-heavy, which is a slight change in the band’s direction. The track is almost a celebration of the group’s evident musical success. ‘Gonna Be Okay’ is a song bursting with optimism, which could almost be relevant to the pandemic. ‘Monsters’ is the next track on the album, which features Killstation. It is a candid tale about battling monsters in your head and links to the group’s battles with mental health. 

The next song on the compilation is ‘Idol’ featuring Tech N9ne, who has previously collaborated with other alternative artists like Five Finger Death Punch. This track is very synth focused with an element of rock incorporated into it. The beats are very memorable and bop ready. ‘Coming Home’ is a modern yet classic song from the group, clearly linking back to their early days as a band. ‘Unholy’ is an honest track about the quintet’s reputation in the media while still being transparent about their struggles. 

‘Worth It’ is a song about the ideal romantic relationship, which is deemed to be perfect. It is a track that is going to get stuck in your head after a few listens. The last song is titled ‘Heart of a Champion’, and collaborates with fellow rock bands Papa Roach and Ice Nine Kills. It is one of the highlight tracks of the album for sure! 

New Empire, Vol. 2 will be released on Friday, December 4, 2020. Overall, it is definitely worth a listen and will surely please fans far and wide! 

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