Phoebe Bridgers – Copycat Killer EP

As most ​Phoebe Bridgers’​ music does, ​Copycat Killer​ makes the listener feel like they are part of a cool girl club explicitly made to let out all their emotions. The EP is soft in sound, sharp in lyrics, bringing that chilled sound to the forefront of bedroom pop.

The short EP holds four re-recorded songs from Bridgers’ second album, ​Punisher, which was released earlier this year. The record allowed Bridgers to break onto the Billboard 100, launching her into pop superstardom.

The first track is ‘Kyoto’, the only single from ​Copycat Killer​. This version of the song is slower, creating a more ethereal and emotional mood than the ​Punisher ​version. It makes the listener feel as though they are floating through a dream.

‘Savior Complex’ continues the heavily emotional setting with a substantial string section. It’s as if the song was made to be dramatically slow danced to in a dimly lit kitchen. It creates a movielike atmosphere, regardless of where the listener is. The ​Punisher version of ‘Savior Complex’ has a similar effect, only to a lesser extent.

The tempo is brought up with ‘Chinese Satellite’, but the mood remains low and gloomy. The sound continues to be tied together by the heavy string section.

The final track of ​Copycat Killer,​ ‘Punisher’ begins with the same dominant strings that have carried the EP from song to song. Both versions of the song pull at the listener’s heartstrings, but this new reimagining brings about a more poignant sincerity.

Copycat Killer revisits ​Punisher ​in a way that allows the listener to experience them for the first time again without changing the most crucial parts of the song that have made them so lovable. The EP enables the listener to have their heart ripped from their chest, filling them with heavy melancholic emotions.


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